Saturday, March 24, 2007

Studio sounds

If I want to listen to something other than the birds in the yard, I usually listen to Public Radio when in the studio. I like to keep informed and like the interviews. Terry Gross is my favorite. She has introduced me to lots of interesting people, including musicians whom I never would have found on my own. Like James Hand. And Mariana Montalvo.

Well, today I heard other sounds. Muffled growling sounds under my floor. Apparently the dogs chased a cat under the studio and it's not planning on coming out until it's good and ready. Buddy keeps going in and barking, but the cat just growls back and holds its ground.

I keep a CD player and a TV with VCR in the studio also. When I've been out there a long time - I may switch to one of those. The public radio station I listen to likes to play jazz certain times of the day, and I can't stand it! I've just got to have a melody. That's when I turn to the CDs. I have a few video tapes of art instruction, and a bunch of old movies and British sit-coms. But, today I have a growling cat to listen to.

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