Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Altered Book - Cats

A new creation is taking form. I am using a book of photographs of cats, altering the photos and adding text. I might use lyrics from Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical, or from the poetry that inspired him. I'm still thinking that one out.

This book won't require a lot of gathering as there are so many good images to use already in the book. The one little white kitten has gotten into Momcat's make up. She is a naughty little kitten. The three little kittens set out to sea to catch fresh tuna. There was a fourth, but it has been painted out. The boat had been a basket in the original photo.

I got to thinking about the photos I've altered. I started by altering victorian and edwardian era women and children, then moved on to fashion photos. When I finished the altered book using all fashion models, I knew I needed to find a new subject - and one I haven't seen anyone else doing. I considered wild horse, which I have done in the past - but I wanted to keep it really light and fun - humorous and touching. I always seem to inject philosophy and religion into my books - and I am challenging myself to keep it light in this work. We'll see. I have 5 books of cat photos on the shelf - so I just picked on at random, hauled it off to the studio and attacked it.

If I don't use the quotes mentioned before, I may just give them captions, sort of cartoony stuff in some cases, and more serious when the image brings that aspect to the book. I have a couple good friends who are great with words and captions, so if I get stuck - I'll just ask for help. It will be fun tackling a totally new subject. I'll post more as it progresses.

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