Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sierras, end of summer

The Sierras are still there. Always have been. Always will be. Thank God.

Trying to escape the heat wave in the Valley, I was driven inland and upward into the Sierras. It is usually 6-10 degrees cooler there, and sometimes even more . One day at about 6000 feet, I enjoyed a delightful cool breeze. Today the breeze was in the lower elevations. And tonite, at home, the breeze is here too. I love wind and fresh air.

I showed my altered books at a craft show in the country. Not to sell! No way! But to inspire others to try their hand at this fascinating art form. And a few people caught the bug. So, if you are new to my blog and saw my books this weekend, welcome. Please feel free to use any ideas you find here. And remember, with altered books, there are no rules. Janene

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