Monday, November 19, 2007

The show is over.

La Selva, bathed in fog, is now ready for the holiday season again. The Art show there is the turning point. Then Thanksgiving, and non stop until Jan. 2. The show was nice, lots of exhibitors. Lots of variety. Very little duplication. I did well, with the best selling things being the less expensive items. This is often the case. There was a lot of competition for the customer's attention and sales.

Wednesday the weather was perfect. Sunny, bright, warm. Thursday started that way but at 2 in the afternoon the fog drifted in. Friday it was fog all day. Saturday, the day of the show, was foggy most of the time, but then the sun would come through and a cold wind would blow. Then the fog would return and continue this cycle throughout the day. People who lived a mile away would show up in tank tops and shorts, and those of us close to the beach would be in ski wear. Very strange. I'd have to live in my car over there and just follow the sun around.

My friend Nancy and her husband Eddie came by the show and we had brunch the next morning at Zeldas in Capitola. As far as I'm concerned it's the only place to go for breakfast, fog or not. Another friend, Marilyn, also stopped by the show after her workshop in Santa Cruz. Virginia Keith, my personal favorite painter came by to say hi also. I'm dying to go see her new paintings. Maybe on the next trip.

So, now for the fun of unloading the car and putting things away. More clutter!!!!! Aaach!
Then time to plan for family holidays and make more art.

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