Tuesday, December 4, 2007

bubble technique

I saw an art technique on television a week or two ago. It was applying a glaze to a ceramic piece. I thought I'd try to adapt it to paper. Here are the best results.

Materials and equipment:
Acrylic craft paints
dishwashing liquid
straw or plastic tube
pan or cup with a deep end
cardstock or watercolor paper cut to ATC size
newspaper to cover work area

Thin acrylic craft paint with a little water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Basically you want the paint at about the consistency of milk, or a tad bit heavier. Trial and error. I haven't got it down to a science yet, but this is how far I got. If it doesn't bubble enough, add a little more DW liquid. Pour liquids into a container where it can form a pool. What I did was use a square plastic pan, tilted it to form a pool in one corner. Use straw and blow into the fluid to make it bubble up. Then just touch the paper to the top of bubbles. Then check your results. I did the same thing with the additional colors, one at a time.

Warning! Don't try permanent inks! These little bubbles pop and send out a tiny spray. it can get on your face, your table, your clothes. So, stick with washable fluids. Cover your work surface, and wear an apron. Or if you have a little tube that is longer, and don't have to work at straw-length away from your face - you can use other fluids. With only the straw to work with, I ended up with a light paint spray on my glasses! And lots on my fingernails. I also tried using a little shot glass . It worked, but I had to do just one section on a card at a time, then turn it and repeat the process. This is very subtle and ethereal looking. I can see possibilities for using the backgrounds with appropriate images for delicate cards.

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