Sunday, July 30, 2017


I was asked what I do with sll these little morning sketches and studies.    Well first I date them and record my references (if any) on the back.   I do not sign them but may go back and do that some rainy day.    Then I slip them into a sleeve.  I purchase these from Amazon.   Very reasonable. 100 in each pack.    Free shipping.

I cut my watercolor paper to this size and stack them on my work table.    Its my favorite size.     

I file the finished works by subject.    Abstracts.   Landscapes.   Trees. Animals.   Beach scenes.    Etc.      I look back through them often.   Reviewing and critiqueing my own work.     What did I like about this one.   Or what did I learn from that one.   

Originally I kept everything in chronological order.    I am a trained archivist so know the benefits of "original order".     But this is not an archive - it is a working studio.   With the documentation on the back I could easily return them to that order should I want to.      Usually I post to this blog so there is a running archive online. 

A few of these sketches are framed or displayed here and there in my house.    I have not sold any of them and do not intend to sell.    Sometines i wish I had painted in an art journal. - but then  would not have the flexibility to change the order.

One day I may want to see the use of a particular color.    Like putting the blue in the feathers on todays sketch.    Ive only done that for a few months.     Or looking back to see certain compositional elements.     I see that roads leading into landscapes are now a favorite I have recently come to appreciate.      

Having sketches loose, yet protected,  allows me to sort and move and use them easily.        


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