Saturday, February 27, 2010

Living Gargoyles

My little dogs spend so much time leering out the window, hoping to see a neighbor's cat or the mailman coming so they have an excuse to bark and go nuts - I decided I'd capture some of their moments. Here are a couple of pics.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring in February

We've had a little warm spell and two days with fog in a.m. but sunshine in afternoons. The garden got some attention, and I got to breathe in the good fresh air while pulling weeds, digging up plants to give away, and doing general cleanup. Primroses, violets, daffodils, and pansies are all in bloom. Today it clouded up again so I contented myself with baking chicken in BBQ sauce and then a fresh pear/cranberry pie. Very good stuff. No artwork today. The whole morning was lost to a change in my bank that necessitated my attention. New system means new passwords, new clues, new questions, new everything. It took hours to finish my business so I can pay bills online again. All the time i've been puttering in the house I've been listening to Itunes that I've downloaded, thanks to my brother's Christmas gift. I've been finding really interesting music and enjoying it immensely. I hope Spring comes your way soon too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A new piece finished

This little dress is a wooden one that I produced maybe 20 years ago. I found it in a closet and collaged the back of it. It certainly freshened it up. Instead of being "country" now it's shabby chic.

Busy, busy week.

The week started off with a bang. A group of us met at Bobbi's for a play day. We made collaborative valentines. We had a grand time. Then Sally, Pat and I presented our talk about book arts and altered books for the Lodi Art League on Tuesday evening. I worked in the gallery there in the morning, so it was a long day for me. Then on Thursday we had our first meeting of the Mixed Media Artists in Lodi. Eleven of us were there and I can see it will be a lively group. They want to meet twice a month, and will have projects, show and tell, and materials exchange. Sally and Roberta came with loads of stuff, and I had the back of my car filled as well with things to share. What a good way to pass along things we don't need and someone else can use. It feels so good to share, and for those of us who are borderline art material hoarders - well, we need to get things out of our work spaces if we are have room to make art! Here are some pics from the week.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A new background

I had a bunch of scraps lying around and am now ready to paint over them. They are glued to watercolor paper. I'm going to use fluid gesso. Later I'll think what to do next.

Other new works are on the other blog so pop over there if you want to see.