Sunday, August 18, 2013

A special day

My second son , Doug, came over from Nevada - just passing through.   He has not been here for many years, so it was very special.     I set up a lunch in the garden for him and for Matt's family.     It felt good to fuss over a family feed for a change.   Here are two of my "boys".

Monday, August 5, 2013

August = time for the annual White Pines Flea Market.

Yes, it has come and gone.   One of the highlights of my summer.    My brother and sister in law came up driving the Rialta.  They had a campsite not far from my 5th wheel.     We could walk back and forth so that was fun and convenient.     Phyllis came to stay at my place .  Jean was planning on coming too but she got bronchitis so had to cancel.   But that left her  home so she was able to dog sit for her daughter while we were checking out the bargains.

Cat and Gene were there too, and Frances - although we only ran into her for a quick moment.       We were all lined up by 7:30.  They open the doors at 8 and everyone rushes forward eagerly.       Before it opens there are alot of booths in the parking lot that are already open.   I rarely even look there.   There is enough in the community center to keep me interested. 

Cat, Phyllis, Kris and I dashed for the linen department room first.     Not as much as other years, but plenty of good things.     I got a wonderful new bed quilt for $8.00 and a classic woven spread for ten.   

 I found 5 good audio books for a dollar apiece, a strainer for 25 cents which I  will fill with planting mix for succulents and put in the garden.    Oh yes, a beautiful pottery tile for the garden.     I picked up an Ann Landers game which Phyllis and I played in the afternoon.     Every one of us found some treasures.   My brother got a good tree saw and a few other things in the hardware dept.   I barely looked there as I have a  fondness for metal things and could think of nothing I wanted to find.    Or tools.     I love old tools.     Oh yes, I did find a little notched ruler in the linen dept.      Made for quilters I think.   It will be very handy in my studio.     I also got a package of transparencies for a dollar.     The last time I bought a box it cost $50 and I'm still using them.  Now I will feel much freer to experiment with them knowing they costs next to nothing.   I'll be saving the best ones for the finished works.

I just loved this painting on glass.   It was beautifully done, and look at that 2 dollar price tag.    How could I resist?    No more wall space.  No where to hang it.    I took a photo of it instead of dragging it home.     But now, I'm kinda wishing I had snapped it up.    LOL

This is the first year I didn't buy anything at the bake sale.      I baked cinnamon rolls to surprise my brother, so thought that would take care of my sweet tooth, and Phyllis brought one of those chocolate orange things where it separates in slices - and she shared it.      yummy

One of my favorite times was when we shared breakfast on  my deck.     Scrambled eggs, juice, the rolls and  other pastries, a huge compote of fresh peaches, bananas, raspberries, blue berries, grapes, nectarines = yummy.    There were 6 of us enjoying the fresh mountain air and each other's company.  It was lovely.     Originally we expected a much bigger crowd, but one by one  people had things come up that kept them away.     Too bad.  But this was a time to cherish.     And be thankful that we all made it through another year and raring to keep going.

Here is Jean with Shelby.    Spoiled?     Really?   Wouldn't you?


A lot of things happened in July.     One of the hi lights was a trip to beach with friends.     There is something about the flowers along the coast, with the fogs and cooler temps.   Inland where we get over 100 degree heat during the summer for often a number of days in a row, our things never look so fresh and sweet in the summer.    These flowers were in the nursery section of the grocery store we shop at in Rio Del Mar.     

I could only peek in the window of this little shop in Capitola, as the fragrances were so overwhelming I knew I'd soon be coughing and sputtering if I spent any time inside breathing.   I could have held my breath!    But, not worth the trouble.      This adorable little plant was outside on this great colored stand.    That would look good in my garden.    Hmmmm......

 Here are my friends aroundthe table in the beach house.     Jean, Judy and Debbie had never been there before, so it was a real treat showing them around and enjoying their company.   

The last evening we were at the Santa Cruz wharf.     It was so calm and peaceful there.   There was enough breeze to have the sail boats out .      
Up in Ben Lomond, my old haunt in the 50s - I spotted this great red screen.     Yummy.     I really had to take a picture.     

I have another trip planned for later in August with other friends.        Can hardly wait.