Sunday, July 30, 2017

Odd bits

The two paper tiles upper left were from art pal and add a special touch.

Another scrap.

Overlayed pieces.

Several of these pieces are overlaid.   I found pieces thai i liked better and could not peel up the first layer  so I just glued these on top.  

Cut up abstracts

Mixing it up

Cut up anstracts. Rubber stamos.   Faux writing.   Textures.   

Detail 5

Book scrap and faux writing.

Detail 4

Another head and book scrap.


When i cut up this painting of egrets I was only thinking of the blended neutrals.    Here is part of a head.   And below is a sig on the back of anothet piece i cut up.

More details

These ladies were cut from an old partailly burned class photo from my stash.   The burned color makes them pretty subtle and neutral.    I like that they overlap edges of tiles.

Details paper mosaic.

I wanted to add a few little points of interest that would not divert your eye or detract from overall composition.     Heres a littlecacrap fron vintage school book.


I was asked what I do with sll these little morning sketches and studies.    Well first I date them and record my references (if any) on the back.   I do not sign them but may go back and do that some rainy day.    Then I slip them into a sleeve.  I purchase these from Amazon.   Very reasonable. 100 in each pack.    Free shipping.

I cut my watercolor paper to this size and stack them on my work table.    Its my favorite size.     

I file the finished works by subject.    Abstracts.   Landscapes.   Trees. Animals.   Beach scenes.    Etc.      I look back through them often.   Reviewing and critiqueing my own work.     What did I like about this one.   Or what did I learn from that one.   

Originally I kept everything in chronological order.    I am a trained archivist so know the benefits of "original order".     But this is not an archive - it is a working studio.   With the documentation on the back I could easily return them to that order should I want to.      Usually I post to this blog so there is a running archive online. 

A few of these sketches are framed or displayed here and there in my house.    I have not sold any of them and do not intend to sell.    Sometines i wish I had painted in an art journal. - but then  would not have the flexibility to change the order.

One day I may want to see the use of a particular color.    Like putting the blue in the feathers on todays sketch.    Ive only done that for a few months.     Or looking back to see certain compositional elements.     I see that roads leading into landscapes are now a favorite I have recently come to appreciate.      

Having sketches loose, yet protected,  allows me to sort and move and use them easily.        


Sunday morning fowl

I did this watercolor sketch using only the 3/4inch brush shown on the right.     I did not pre sketch in pencil but lay down  dibs and dabs w tip of brush color by color building the bird.    

Just as i was finishing there was a disturbance. My dogs and neighbor dogs started barking.  Then a flock of geese flew over heading south.    Dogs heard them long before I did. Of course.   

Nice way to start morning with the hint that this heat wave will pass and fall will come.   

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Paper mosaic update

Ive had this spread out on dining table for past two weeks.    Every afternoon I add more to it or audition colors and pieces.    All of the pieces are recycles.  Mostly my own paintings cut up but also a few pieces from friends.    im pretty happy with it. Its colorful and cheerful.    The angel is one of my post cards (using my hand carved rubber stamp) cut to fit the arch.      I used gel medium to adhere everything.   

Saturday morning at the shore

This gull in flight is my first attempt.  My ref is Nita Engles painting "Blown Away" .   Yesterday I tried to capture the mivemwnt of the water and wind.   Today I was braver and tried the bird.     Not bad for a first.   

Friday, July 28, 2017

Post cards

I sent out a dozen of these yesterday to Carving Consortium swappers.    Each person incorporates one of their own hand carved stamps.   Its fun to see what comes in the mail from the other artists.   

Wild water

Inspired by "Blown Away" a watercolor by Nita Engle, AWS.    i may work on it some more but for now I am just enjoying the spray and coolness.   It will be over 100 degrees outside today.  Anything reminds me of "Cool" is a good thing.

Early morning

This is based on a painting by Cav. Romeo Di Girolama called Early Morning Lyme.   He is a member of the Royal Society of British Artists.    The soft neutrals appealed to me.  I only have a tiny little photo of it from an old magazine.   I worked on the color planes in the foreground before I noticed it was a city.  I thought I was painting rocks.  Lol.  Guess Id better use magnifier on small pics.    

Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 26 morning near Taos.

Inspired by "Big Rock" a pastel painting by Cindy Riach.   Seemed like a good place to start the day.   

July 25th update

Yesterday I revisited this july 25th piece and beefed it up.   Now I love it.    Think it will be awesome done in needlefelting one day.

Tuesday morning succulent study

This jade plant sits in full sun.  It has not been watered in weeks so is showing its suffering by blushing and shrinking.    I put the watering system back on it so it will thrive again.    

Wednesday morning succulent

I bought this new succulent at Trader Joes Monday morning.    Today I pinched off this piece for a little nature study done at the senior center.    The lighting was terrible.   Really terrible.    But I was able to draw it. Watercolor pencil on toned background.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Faded rose

Plotting - paper mosaic w inchies

Hmmmm.....   maybe. Maybe not.

Nikki in yoga pose

I'm using speech activated typing because I make so many mistakes it takes me so long to go back and correct them that it's a pain. But on a previous post when I  went back and read it it had thrown in extra words about Trump tweeting and then I realize that it's picking up my public radio station in the background.  I guess I need to turn the volume down on radio before I start talking into my phone. LOL.

Tuesday morning colorful sky

An oil painting by Douglas Diehl called fleeting Glory inspired me to go wild with colors in the sky.   This is a work in progress and it's only a quick study but it certainly woke up my pallete this morning.

Monday morning study purple clouds.

This study is based on an oil painting called afternoon clouds by Linda Glover Gooch. I had never used purple in my clouds and sky so just wanted to see how it looked. Hers in oil is much richer and of  course it has texture but at least this will be a reminder that I won't be ruling out purple as a shadowy cloudy effect.

Colorful Sunday

I was so blown away by the strong colors in Betsy Dillard Stroud painting from Sedona in her article an Artful Odyssey let Adventure be your guide through the workshop experience. In watercolor artist magazine April 2011. I decided to do a little study of her painting as an exercise Sunday morning.

Acrylic pour collaboration

This is a "dirty pour".   The paints are poured into a cup one after another. Not mixed or stirred.   The whole cup is tipped upside down on canvas then lifted to let the paints flow out
. Canvas is then tipped to aid the flow of paints. Dozens of tutorials on you tube.   Had fun morning w frieds getting messy and making art.    

Acrylic pour

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Inchies taking a look.

Spread some out to see how colors work together.  I like them even the neutrals.

Saturday morning cutting up inchies.

Mixed media group getting ready for inchie project.   Im cutting up some old painting discards that will do fine in a paper mosaic.     Heres a batch.

Friday, July 14, 2017

151 and counting

The container I use to house my abstracts is over-crowded.     Damn.    I need to find another so i can keep them together.    I sat down this am and looked at all of them.  Im hoping to find inspiration for a garden mosaic.     Lots of inspiration there.     It will be fun to adapt my own creation into a different medium.     

Before I put them away I counted.    Yikes.   151 loose ones.   Prob a few more framed here and there.     This project of a breakfast painting each day is so productive - obviously.     its such a great way to start the day.   

Landscape tweaked

This one was really challenging as the darks in the water were so dark and left a riverbank too distinct.  I still dont like it but its much better now.   

Another painting changed.


Last evening I sat down with the box of breakfast sketches I did over the past year and a half.      OMG.    thats a lot of art.     I have them grouped as landscapes.  Still lifes.  Trees.    Florals.   People.   Critters. Abstracts.   Etc.    There were only about 8 that I really dont like.   Tossed the worst of the worst.   Set aside a few that needed changes.     This one I changed today.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wednesday morning study

An article in Watercolor Artist April 2011 featured artist Cathy Johnson and her use of watercolor pencils..   this little study is based on an example of her work shown on page 16.    Its not my usual pallette so thpught Id give it a try.   

Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday morning landscape

We are having another heat wave.  My thoughts are turned towards coastal byways where you need a sweater.    I spotted this scene in an article in Watercolor Artist April 2011.    Joyce Hicks does beautiful landscapes and has a very distinctive style.   She and her husband travel around with an eye out for scenes to paint.   You can see her work at

Friday, July 7, 2017

Leftover red paint

Over blue watercolor background.   Mixed media group played with a Carla Sonheim flower idea.   Added the red later because it was so awful.       Not worth saving.      Ugh. 

Last of the yellow paint.


I had a bit of yellow acrylic paint to either toss or use.   Why not use it?

Breakfast sketch

Yellow acrylic glaze as afterthought.

Breakfast flowers

Watercolor w acrylic yellow added for the "pop".

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4 cave art 1+

I was not sure where to take tjis little sketch.   Here it is now.   It may continue to change.      

July 3 cave art 1

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday breakfast sketch

Friday breakfast study

When I tore this out of a magazine I didnt get the artists name so cant give proper credit.   Im not clear on what medium as used.  But I liked the subtle color pallette.  His is much more subtle. Think I will do this one again

Centerpiece herbs

To dress up my table for friends I picked a bunch of fresh herbs and popped them into a blue glass.   Made the whole room fragrant with parsley, sage, rosemary, oregano and thyme.   I put the mints in separate jars.     No need for room fresheners.