Monday, January 31, 2011

Worries galore

Several of my very good friends are facing medical challenges right now. Pat H. who got me started in mail art, ATCs, Decos, and the Sacramento Mixed Media Group had surgery today for a serious condition. I've been sending healing thoughts and prayers her way all day. Then I heard my other friend Pat S. had another vertabrae fracture. Pat ( showing her tea cupboard assemblage) has seven grown sons and is an ablosulte delight. Very talented and funny. She just had one vertebrae cemented/repaired recently and now this one. It's very painful and they want to wait to fix it so she will have to bear a few more days of agony. More healing thoughts and prayers headed her way. Any my dear art friend Jackie had a lung collapse and worse. Jackie (holding paper doll) and I often collaborate on art projects. She is an amazing artitst, very original and spontaneous. She is in my thoughts constantly, as we used to email at least once a day, often several short notes popping back and forth through cyberspace. She has been in the hospital for over a week now. I'll never get anything done with all these things on my mind.

The good news is the sun came out yesterday afternoon after a light storm front passed through. And the fog didn't cover it today. Forecast is for sun for several days. I wish my friends could enjoy it with me. Nikki was actually running around wagging her tail like mad when she saw the sun was on her favorite spot on the sofa. She's been moping around just like me. We like sun and we like warm. Haven't had either for days and days. Lulu doesn't care about the weather. I think the little Cairn terrier part of her comes from a rugged place with bad weather. She is such a sturdy little sprite. And Buddy, well, he prefers mild temperatures, hates the heat, hates the cold. But since he spends most of his days sleeping away his old age, he really doesn't get very cold. He crawls under a little blanket on his bed. Until he hears the food cupboard open and then he's right there jumping and standing on his back legs. It's a circus at my house when it's feeding time. I'm trying to teach Lulu to pick up the three dishes and hand them to me. She does it, but it requires a lot of coaching. And while we are doing that, the other two are dashing around us and jumping on me.

My brother Bob and his wife Kris had to cancel their Egypt trip. They were to leave CA on the 14th. Maybe they'll find another location as they are packed and ready. I know they are disappointed as they had really looked forward to this incredible journey.

I did get out and buy more pansies, oregano, and primroses today. I might plant on Wednesday as tomorrow it my day at the gallery. Hope the sun stays shinging.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Bobbi worked with me at the gallery yesterday. It was the quietest day I've had there. So, it was good to have her company. we chatted, worked on art projects and read a couple copies of Cloth Paper Scissors. It reminded me how much I enjoy that magazine so today I subscribed again. I still enjoy the old ones on my shelf so I know I'll enjoy the new ones too. We both signed up to voluteer for work days associated with the Spring art show. And I signed up the kids as well.

Nathan update

Nathan is on his feet wearing shorts and short sleeved shirt even though it's really cold. Clothes rub against his wounds! Ouch. He should be able to go to school tomorrow or Friday so he doesn't get too far behind.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Quilt show

Sunday I went to the Modesto Quilting Arts Show in Modesto. I haven't been to a quilt show for quite awhile so it was fun to go. And I didn't have to drive, but instead rode with Sandi and Bobbi. We met Rosemary there. we just walked and talked and took some pics. Got all inspired to do more needlework from seeing the samples that were there. Here are a few pics of things we saw. Everything from fine needlework, to wearable art, to fabric post cards. I didnt' take pics of the traditional type quilts.

Nathan has a birthday and a crash.

Nathan is my 17 year old grandson. His birthday was on Thursday. Nathan is funny and cute. Silly and serious. Tall and talented. He gets along with everyone and is liked by everyone he meets.

Buddy is my 17 year old dog. He is lazy and slow. Sweet and loving and gets along with everyone - human or canine. We celebrate his birthday on the same date, as we don't really know his true birthdate.

With Nathan's parents off to Las Vegas for an anniversary outing, I had the fun of making the birthday dinner and serving them around my big table. Trevor made a spinach dip and put it into a round of french bread. Candis made and iced the chocolate cake, and the rest was up to me. Rotiserrie's chicken in bbq sauce, a nice salad, garlic bread. And when he got home from school he was greeted with a couple big pizzas fresh from the oven, smothered inall things tasty and wonderful.

That was Thursday. This is Monday. Things happen. Nathan is okay, but had a motorcycle accident yesterday that has the family really shaken with what a close call it was. His helmet is trashed. He wiped out on a little country road while riding with his dad and sister on another bike. It was where there is no cell phone access, so they had to leave him lying there, nothing broken except the bike. He's all scraped up, bruised, and sore. They rode to where they found cell phone access and called mom to come get them with the truck. She was over an hour away though and got lost looking for them. Very scary. The bike, I hope is beyond repair. I would have left it on the side of the road and set a match to it.

If you have read my blog for a long time you will remember we have had other close brushes and even one death in my extended family caused by motorcyle riding. I hate them. I lecture and nag, and no one listens. The whole family is shaken though at the thought that he could have been killed or maimed in an instant - maybe the motorcyles will be sold off and I can rest easy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold day in the gallery

The problem with opening the gallery on Tuesdays, is that it's been closed since previous Saturday. And in the winter it means the cold has set into the building. My friend Bobbi was with me today. The company was good but there was no business. At least we had time to chat with one another and the few gallery members who stopped by. I sure wish we'd get some sunshine and warm temperatures so I could thaw out.

The January show is hung and there is some really nice art in it. Francis Scott is the featured artist and she's a good friend of mine. Her work is in oils or wood carvings, with a western theme. Cowboys and Indians, horses and cattle. She is amazing and very productive. I had plenty of time to admire all the new works hanging there and thought it looked good. Joyce Costa had a new piece hanging in the gallery, by far the best things she's ever done. And totally unlike anything else I've seen her do. Congrats Joyce. I'd vote it best of show if I were judging the gallery work this month. Keep up the good work.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Old ears - funny stories

Maybe the senior citizens who read this will understand. Old ears do not always hear exactly what is said - if we hear it at all. You are supposed to smile now.

My son's family has three dogs, Pokey, Lucky and Macie. I met my son and his daughter Candis outside the other day and asked, "How's everyone?" Candis replied, "Lucky's dead". Well, that's what it sounded like to me. Not quite believing it, I echoed back with the question, "Lucky's dead?" My son is a jokester and he assumed I was having some fun with Candis. She just looked slightly puzzled and echoed back "Lucky's dead?" Now she catches on to the fact that I had misunderstood, so she gives me a quick eye roll and repeats in aloud voice, "Grandma, Pokie's deaf." Now, I'm thinking one dog is dead and one is deaf. My son is doubled over with laughter. I think everyone has gone nuts. Now Candis is laughing. So Pokey comes along and they demonstrate that she indeed cannot hear anything. I'm feeling bad about that, but worse about Lucky. I say, "I"m sorry about Lucky." Now Candis and Matt are both hysterical and I'm looking upset and confused. About then, Lucky wanders over to be petted. I think I need a nap.

Yesterday at an art meeting Marilyn was showing us something she made with a knotted string technique for show and tell. "This is a little chapstick bag." she tells us. Bobbi who is sitting next to her looking puzzled, asks "a testicle bag?" Everyone around the table laughs. Later, at lunch we admitted three of us had heard it the same as Bobbi. Tricky things, old ears.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dogs are the best.

We are having a really cold and damp winter here in central California. Now it is the foggy season, and sometimes days go by without our getting a glimpse of sunlight. Today it came out after 2 o'clock but it was still cold and damp. Nikki, the chihuahua, does not like the cold. She can sit and bask forever in sunshine. She'd really prefer living in Mexico. This time of year , so would I. LOL Lulu really does not care. She's such a hardly little breed that nothing phases her much. And my poor sweet old Buddy, now just about to turn 17, snuggles under a blanket and sleeps much of the time. Nikki has a wardrobe. Not all cutesy stuff, but more practical to keep her warm. She wears a a little plush cozy most of the day. At night it comes off because she has blankets. Or in the evening she has a lap. Our evening routine is, when the dishes are done and other chores, and computer is shut down and art supplies put away, we retire to a big recliner in front of the TV with books piled alongside. Nikki sits on my left hip. Lulu sits on my right hip. The book is balanced on my knee. Buddy is curled up on the foot piece. We are as cozy and content as can be. They are best of friends and bring a lot of joy to my life. Time to go snuggle with them now.

New artwork on blog

i posted a lot of new artwork - mail art on the altered book blog. So, if you want to see it you'll have to click on the link.