Sunday, April 30, 2017

Colorful faces

Fine line resist pen

A new toy in my studio.   I have never  used resists other than wax crayons or birthday candles.   Lol.   Oh yes and a silk resist for details on silk scarfs years ago.     I recently found that old silvresust but its decades old and does not flow freely  - so I invested in this new product.    The line is so fine...these are little experiments.     

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Multi color radial

Blue radial 2

Blue radial 1

Breakfast with Jawlensky

This image was torn from an old Connoisseur magazine.    I always liked the colors and thought someday i might use it as a reference.   Today was the day.   Its really difficult to translate an oil painting to atercolor.   But the challenge is interesting and fun. Especially for quick studies.     I love the Expressionists uses of color.    hope you like it.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Green morphables

Posting this again as picture didnt show first time. These creatures can assume any shape.

Where id like to have breakfast

Hollyhocks for breakfast

Quick sketch.

Bike at shore

I have not touched acryllic paints for many months but thought id do this as currently bikes are a poular subject.     I drew it first otherwise it might only vaguely resemble a bicycle.   

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Breakfast beastie

Blue giraffasaurus.   One of my mixed media friends has been playing with Carla Sondheims techniques for drawing little critters.   She is drawing the cutest little creatures.   So I thought I would see if i could incorporate them into my breakfast abstracts.      This is the first one of this series.


Two legged jump over.

This little creature is very agile.   He can jump over anything.  

Geraniums in bloom

Sage blloming

Garden friend.

Bike quick sketch

I had no idea what to paint this am.  There was a photo of a blue bike on my art table.   It answered my need for a quick image.    Street workers digging up street out front today so I am a bit unsettled.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Taxes done.

Brain still works.    Whew!   Took three trips to Lodi Library for forms.    I liked it better when Free sites on IRS for prep and filing - really were free. This year the ones Id used before kept tacking on fees.   One ended up $94.    No way for my simple taxes.    In a snit I opted to do it myself.     Glad its over.    Now waiting for refund.    

Floral eggs

Better for eggs than sketch.   

Crazy geranium

This odd flower head opened on a pink geranium.   Last year was all pink.    Now it seems to have picked up some cross polination with  a fushia color.   It shares a big pot with a red geranium.    I dont own a fushia and i have not seen one in neighborhood.   Hmmm...

Landscape eggs.

Abstract eggs

Cut up an abstract. Will toss on table for Easter.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

My nieces friend played this at memorial

My brothers video tribute

Oxalys in bloom

Roses are blooming now

I may want to start painting them again.

Feathers with rubber stamps

Feather demo

Thursday the Lodi mixed media group met here. We did quickie watercolors of feathers.