Saturday, May 4, 2013


Here it is May.  The lusty busty month of May.     Weather has been so warm this month that our Spring came and went in a blink.   We now are having weather in the 90 degree range, and it has taken a big toll on my spring flowers.    

I took a chance and invited some close friends to a little garden party.   We were so lucky that particular day was neither too hot, too, cold, or too windy.   The days prior to the party date had howling winds.   Good fortune calmed them for the time of the party - but within an hour after my friends left the winds returned, turning the umbrella upside down and scattering leaves and pollen everywhere.      Friends were able to see it at it's very best.     Fresh and blooming like mad.
 Since then the heat set in and things grew and bloomed so quickly, they needed to be cut back.  I've spent last couple evenings out there with my pruning shears and little stool, so I can cut close to the ground.    I had been unable to get around the side of the studio since the flowers were tumbling across the path.    Now, it's all cleaned up and I can circumnavigate again.      Our weather has been very dry this spring.  We hardly had any appreciable amounts of rain since early winter.     I have to water often, and  ( bad news) our water costs are rising.    The city is trying to pass another raise in water rates, following a big one last year.      Some people are talking about letting their lawns die as a protest, and to cut their expenses.     I'm not giving up my garden though.   Some plants may need to be repositioned to spots where there is more shade mid day