Friday, September 21, 2012

Good heavens another change

Every time I get used to and comfortable with some computer program, the geek brigade takes it upon themselves to change it all.    Improved, so they say.    I'm kicking and screaming cause I don't adapt easily to all these changes when I am totally happy with the old system.    

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The week past

Well, that was not my best week. Two dental appointments, one for cleaning and one to prep for 5 caps. Cleaning was fine, but the day devoted to prepping for caps did not go well. I had a terrible reaction to the injections in the jaw. I didn't know there was a new pain killer - I thought I was just getting Novocaine. Well, within a minute my chest and stomach were hopping up and down and I could not stop it. They recognized what was wrong, you could see the thumping from across the room. ( It was much like what happens when you have a nuclear stress test, but much worse. And no physician standing by. ) They assured me it would pass in a few minutes. And it did. But it scared the dickens out of me. They said they only gave me half a dose. Whew. I would be dead if they gave me the full one. I told the nurse to stay with me, and if I said I needed 911 she'd better call fast. I told them to write all over my chart that I cannot be given that stuff again.

Well, that was just the beginning. The drilling went okay, the molds were made and the temp was ready to put in. It went in a little crooked however and when she tried to remove it -well, it was stuck tight. About 10 minutes of rocking, tugging, coaxing, and pulling, and it finally just snapped in half. But neither half came out. So back to tugging. Then some cutting with drill, and finally they were out. But, she had to make a new one. And then get it installed. Of course they wanted me to leave happy, so they offered me all kinds of things I could not chew - couldn't they tell???? Then they offered smoothies. I can't have dairy products. So, there was nothing they could give me but a pat on the back for being a trouper. So much for bravery!

The week before I had an eye appointment I was very nervous about. I had a brownish spot just to the left of my vision in the right eye, and another browning arc across the bottom of the same eye. My eyes were checked very thoroughly, I really liked the doctor. He explained everything and reassured me that they are floaters, part of the lining of the retina that have torn loose. The retina is not torn , that's the good news. So, I"l learn to live with my spots as they are not dangerous and I'm not losing my vision. I came away very relieved.

The rest of this week went fine. Our Lodi Mixed Media group met on Thursday and we did some monoprinting, lead by Marilyn and Patti. In the afternoon I picked up my new glasses. Two pair. Friday, Jean drove Phyllis and I to the Lodi Grape Festival to see the art exhibit. Jean took first place in water media, for a wonderful painting. It was by far the best thing in the entire show. Elizabeth took first in digitally enhanced photography, and also got an honorable mention. I have never entered anything there, but many friends do. And many receive ribbons and cash awards as well. Congrats Jean and Elizabeth.

Tomorrow the family and I are headed to the hills to repair steps to screen room, and Matt will try to fix the generator. I think I'll close up the camper and be ready for Fall. I don't seem to have much time to get up there with all that's going on down here. It's easy enough to open it again if I do go up.

Trevor and I carted off 7 more boxes of stuff to the Thrift Store and 2 more boxes of books to the Library Book Sale. They are getting to know him, we've done this so often this summer.
Now, it is starting to feel like Fall is around the corner. The days are getting shorter, the light is coming from a different angle. Neighbors are getting things done like tree trimming, and I saw another gaggle of Canadian geese flying overhead. Matt is replacing some of the watering system in the front lawn, and Trevor is cleaning u p some of the landscaping there. My goodness things like to grow here.

Bob has the videos up on his SMUGMUG site, so the family can see them there. It is really awesome how he included interviews and voice clips of family members into the videos, as introductions and commentators. Cool idea.

I had a nice chat with DIL Sherri in Nevada, whose only son just went away to college. She is having a hard time with empty nest syndrome. My son is coming down in a couple weeks so I'll get to see him - it's been way too long since I could wrap my arms around him. I'm looking forward to this. That's the news for now from my neighborhood.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trip to Paris

No, it wasn't me, but my granddaughter Keena who just had a trip to Europe, including several days in Paris. She loved the whole trip. Years ago when she was a little girl, I sent her a poster of the Eiffel tower. I have one hanging in my bedroom, a twin to the one I sent her. I always hoped she would be able to go to Paris, and now she has. I don't know who is happier, Keena or me! Here's a pic she sent of herself on the street, where she had just purchased a watercolor painting from an artist there. Keena is an artist too, so I"m sure this will always be a special piece of art she will treasure.