Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall flowers

Fall leaf color has just passed it's peak time in the CentralValley.    It's a cold, sort of gloomy day outside.   Feels like rain is on the way.       I picked some of the Mexican sage which is in full bloom right now.   You can just see it through the birch leaves down below in my garden. 

    The blooms are nearly 7 feet high at the back of the plants.   The front is spilling out over the walkway, so I trimmed it back and brought some inside.    Outside they can hold their color until the first of the year unless we have a hard frost, or heavy rains to knock them down.      Aren't they pretty?

Right now on my deck I have mostly herbs and greenery.      Still pretty, still delights me each time I see it.   The fountain is solar, so it trickles away whenever there is sunlight.       

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Checking in again

My goodness, this poor little blog has been neglected for too long.       I took on another blog for the Lodi Art Center and so three blogs takes more time than when I only had this one.        I have had some changes here at home, and want to post some pics.   

New furniture.    New to me, that is.   I found a little apartment sized sofa in a cute little shop in Lodi and decided to get it for my living room corner.     The past few years the seating in living room has been very uncomfortable.      When I changed the rooms around, we took the drawers of the old bed and made a corner unit surrounding the super table.     It worked welll for the dogs - and for my sewing.    I seldom open out the huge table for entertaining, so I figured I'd prefer to have comfortable people seating and move the table away.    This way I can curl up with the dogs in the morning sun.   That's why they love that corner.  Plus they can see out of the window and watch the neighbors cat!
This is how it looked the day before the change. 
 This is the new sectional with my quilts to protect the seats from the pups.   You can see they are making themselves at home on it.