Monday, November 12, 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

Fishing in mixed media pool

This was our project for mixed media group last week.   It was so much fun, I did it again with a friend who had missed the meeting.  Now I have fish hanging all around inmmy studio, attached to curtain valence with safety pins.    Fish were purchased from Amazon. We used mostly dylusion spray inks, and stencils.    

Monday, August 6, 2018

Painting in transition.

This painting has been on the back burner for months.    A friend made some comments about it the other day, and it got me going on it again.    I showed an artist friend pictures this a.m. at Senior Art, and her critique has me thinking about some other changes.   I can only paint in the studio early morning or evenings due to the weather. Its been ranging from 95 to 105 degrees for weeks.    Im anxious now to get back to it again.   

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Back yet again.

I have been using my other blog recently since I was not able to get into this one.    Please check it out.  I think thats where I will be posting for awhile.  Here is the link.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Instead of making paper valentines this year I got out my sewing machine and on rainy days I sat and sewed little hearts out of various Fabrics that I had.    When guests and visitors came they could select one out of this little basket. Oddly enough the blue ones were the first ones to be selected so I think maybe next year I should make more blue parts.

The deep red ones were made out of a boiled wool vest that a friend had given me to cut up for an art project. It had black embroidery on it, and buy careful cutting I could use the embroidery on the fronts and also the black covered buttons that were attached I was able to leave as part of the design.    They were my personal favorites, but visitors liked the duponi silks and velvets best.   

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The large heart

This is someone I couldn't resist, you can see why.

Pot 1

This is the pot. The last Mosaic flower pot I did was sometime in the 1970s. It's been on my bucket list for years to do more as I love the colorful pots that can contain my succulent collection which is growing thanks to Trader Joe's nursery department and the wonderful little local Nursery here that I support.

This pot has not been grouted yet and I haven't decided what color grout use. I did this inside my studio. The grouting I will do outside when the weather is warmer. By then maybe I'll have another one or two pots done ready to do and when big grouting day.

February catch up

A month just whizzed by.   We had a warm streak so I could paint in the studio again.  it felt so good to pick up my brush and palette knife .    This piece has changes since morning. One of the many changes it has been through. I started it with a blue background a whole bunch of butterflies, and it just looked too dark. So I added paper Mosaic squares at the bottom over the blue so the blue looks like grout showing through.  I liked it fairly well during the day, but in the evening or when the light was bad it just looked gloomy. I had added in collage elements mostly from text or from paper napkins. It look too busy. So I painted over all of that with another coat of blue. It didn't work. It was interesting because all the layers were showing through going way back to the bottom but I just didn't like it. Then I added a quick coat of white paint gesso and yellow ochre. That's pretty much where I left it when I took this picture I'll probably try to take another one tomorrow and post again as it's looking better not there yet but it's better.

This month was taken over by the sudden spring-like weather we experienced we had some rain, some fog, some sun, some windy days, and some nights with very cold snaps. I had the front yard dug up entirely and rocks and gravel brought in. Now I'm sculpting a a shape with the Rock's to give it kind of a beach beachy Dooney feel. I also had some large bushes taken out of the area beside my driveway they were encroaching my driveway. So that opens up a lot of lights there and gave me three really nice spaces for planting other things that won't be so large. That was one Workman he also came and prunes the Roses properly. The other work man who came to do the front yard is returning when I decide exactly what I want to plant in the pockets I'm leaving between the rocks and the and the gravel.

My son brought over a load of pea gravel which is my favorite gravel I like the sound of it. I'd like the color. And I like how nicely it packs down to give me a firmer footing so I won't trip and fall. He and I worked out front one day and made it much more visitor-friendly. People can get out of their cars and step onto the gravel they don't have to step over concrete scalloped edging that had been there before. This edging is used throughout this mobile home park. It marks boundaries and edges of property and is used decoratively as well. It isn't something I liked. So whenever I can I have someone come dig some more out and it gives me softer edges and allows me to adjust the sizes of my planting areas. My granddaughter and Son came together one day and brought over a load of those nice big round River Rocks from the other house. My old Garden there is now the living space of some very active larger dogs. They do not respect my old Pathways that I had put in and planting areas. So those rocks were available to me. I'm very happy to have them here as I was going to have to order a truckload brought in. And it's much more fun working with my son and my granddaughter in the yard then random workmen coming and going.

I have lots more plans for what I'm doing in the garden but now we've had a cold snap and more rain so I need to put it off. With freezing night temperatures I've had to move my potted succulents around to where I can cover them at night and I brought quite a few inside as well.

I finished my taxes today so that's behind me now and I'll just sit and wait for my refun as my studio was available again I started working on broken china Mosaic over a fairly good-sized flower pot I will post a picture of that next. That's all for today I've got other things to do but I hope to get back to blogging again soon.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Never before

You know I will miss having a messy unfinished work where I can scrape gesso and paints and just glue found scraps with no real thought or plan as to what it might become.      I had better start another one.     lol.  


This piece of the previous painting is the FOREVER bit.     Compositionally the two text pieces should not be parallel.    But there is a reason.     In our lives NEVER BEFORE and FOREVER can run parallel with lots going on in between.    thats the back story of this work.

It began as an unfinished piece found at a thrift store.  First finished the other persons painting. Hated it. Revised.  Hated.   Blocked out as a color study in sea greens and blues.    Boring.   Used it to ckean off brushes from another work. Then another.    Worked in some loose textured collage papers.  A little charcoal.....  Little by little this looked better than before and started to develop into a possible keeper.     I can see a few little things left to tweak. But overall I like it.     It may end up a FOREVER piece on my wall.   

Is it done yet?

Over a year since this was started.   Its warm in the studio again. I know its only January - but for a few days we have been without fog following sone rainy days.   Sun is blazing . Temp outside in 60s. No wind.   It feels so good to have sunshine.   It inspired me to clean up the studio and to get back to painting.