Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Babana split for breakfast.

I hadnt thought this out. How do you paint vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on white paper.   With watercolors.   Hmmm.   So here I sat with a big question mark over my head and paintbrush in hand.  

We had an ice cream social here yesterday for senior residents.   I served at counter.  I saw a lot of banana splits.   We had butterscotch, strawberry and chocolate syrups.   Most people wanted the works.  Although quite a few did not want nuts.   

Anyhow my solution was to surround the white spaces.   Its far from a masterpiece....   lol..... but will serve as a thank ypu card for event hostess.     

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse light show

Shadows through leaves on patio.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Little bird

One of thee gals in mixed media group called to ask if she should gesso the tp tube.  I had sent message to group to tell them the tubes would be used as painting tools.......       so no painting of tube necessary.     But the idea of tp tube as a canvas stuck in my thoughts. So this morning before I put away the acrylic paints used yestetday - i decided to paint some of my little birds on one to see if the group might like that as a challenge.   We are always looking for something new.     

Wc bird sitting on tp tube painting tool.

Bird side 3

Bird side 2

Mixed media tp roll flowers

This was our art play today.   Idea from you tube videos.      Easy fun.

Breakfast birdies

Thursday and friday.     soooo cute. 

Love birds 2

Here they are again in clown attire.    

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Peeps and Tweet

I had a pair of clownish bachelor love birds for many years.  They were second and third hand birds from different failed adoptions.   Once they found their forever home here and met each other they were never parted. Silly cheerful little companions. 

  They liked to. play jokes on my old dog.   She was blind. They would go rattle her dish on the floor which brought her running.    Naughty birds.   Unrolling toilet paper rolls and eating edges off my mail - or climbing down an arm to snatch some lettuce off the plate were other fav passtimes.   

Im repainting this to show them as the little clowns they were at heart.

Birdies 2

Birdie breakfast

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Flea market find.

This is the piece I bought at White Pines Flea Market for $1.        It started me on redecorating my room.     It is fresh and airy now.     the green frame caught my eye before we dug it out of a stack.   Delighted to find the needlework.   

Machine free style embroidery

I did this a few years ago.   Ive been using it as a sewing machine cover. It is stitched on an old dinner napkin.   Lol.  Now it is framed completing my theme of celebrating handiwork in my bedroom.   It all looks so fresh and dear.    

Pretty kitties embroidery

Another piece Ive had for longer than I remember.    Frame painted green and hanging in bedroom.    

Thrift store roses

Bedroom decor.

Celebrating embroidery

I had this embroidered pillow case for decades.   I decided to frame it but found I needed filler co cut up flea market green doily.     Hanging in bedroom.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday morning experiment.

This is a sample I did based on various you tube demos.   Tools included toilet paper roll. Cotton swabs. Stick. And finally a brush to put in partial background.    Our mixed media group will be experimenting with alternative tools and acrylics this week.   I hope they have some fun with this.    

Saturday morning at the beach.

My aunt took this photo on one of our fun day excursions.    I sure miss her and our drives around the coast.     This brings it back.    

Monday, August 7, 2017

Old friends

Jean and i had a nice visit with Frances at White Pines annual flea market yesterday.    Left to right.  Me, Frances, Jean.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Its finished.

Ive been tweaking this all week.    There were a few places on it that needed help.   Strengthening the focal point and keeping the eye moving  without falling off the canvas.   I think they are resolved now.  Plus I added three postage stamps for old times sake.    

Colorful rose

Just outside my studio. This rose greets me every morning.    It is eye candy. 

The light bulb

This little light bulb as added for the dimension and shine.    Helps hilight the focal point which is the angel under the arch.      Added the postage to the left at bottom  to create barrier and cover the light colored tile.  

Two tweaks.

The large yellow area was just a block. I loved the color but it needed the little bird which I cut out of that painting study I did earlier in the week.   

Below that the strips of colors tended to lead theceue away. I added that little red watercolor strip as a barrier.  

Aug. 4 breakfast study.

This is a big change of pace. Sketched in w 3/4 inch brush. Then pushed and pulled color to redefine shape and soften it.    That was fun.   

Aug.3 breakfast w joyce hicks.

Her painting Rosy In Westport is the inspirationbfor this study.  She painted it in 18 x 24 inch size. Mine is 5 1/2 by 7 1/2.    I could not capture the details - i lack the skills and eyesight.  But Im quite happy to add this to my collection of studies of contemporary artists. I find Hicks works utterly enchanting.      Im so glad I purchased Watercolor Artist April 2011 at used book shelf at the gallery.    Otherwise it is unlikely I would have come across her work.      

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday bird

My pallette on inside cover of paint box eventually needs to be cleaned off.     The background colors were picked up and just randomly splotched over damp paper.   After it dried i went back with a clean wet brush and picked out tree and branches and bird shape.    Later added some details. More later.   

Wednesday morning birds on wires

Very quick. I have been glancong through the book DRAWING BIRDS by John Busby.    I saw his littlecsketch and wantedvto paint it.     No details. Silhouettes.    Fun.