Monday, December 24, 2012

December and all that goes with it

December is a great month.    Busy things going on, the fun of shopping and seeing the decorations in the stores.  Then the food and the family and friends.   This is Christmas Eve and here I am at the computer.    We celebrated our Christmas yesterday as we had a sudden change in plans with the work schedule change for my DIL, so we had two hours to prepare.   Not time to fuss or worry, just boil up some eggs for deviled eggs, plate up some fresh baked cookies, and order a couple pizzas.     It was so much fun, I think we should make it a new family tradition.   Impromptu and fun for everyone with no big mess or time spent cooking and setting up.    So today I'm playing with art supplies, cooking the turkey and relaxing.   Thought I'd bring this blog up to date by including pics from last week's trip to Fair Oaks.   Friends meeting  for some shopping/browsing and lunch.     Fair Oaks is such an interesting little town.  Very informal.  Cold as ice the day we were there, felt more like the high Sierras or Colorado!  But the sun was out and we were dressed warmly.      Here are a few pics.    BTW chickens roam the street there and seem to like to hang out in front of the bakery.  Perhaps they get tidbits from patrons.      We didn't know the guy sharing breakfast with his dog, but could not resist taking his pic.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rain, rain, rain

Down in comes, in drips, drops, and drizzles.   buckets full.     We are cosy and warm and have not lost power, so except that we are now flooded in and only the vehicles are water damaged, all's well.   Nathan's car was on the street when the storm drains failed, so his car has several inches of water inside.   Kids baled it out and moved it into the garage so Trevor could move his van onto the driveway too.    Matt and Christina are both working.   I hope this is all gone before they get home.    According to the news, the worst will have passed in another hour.     Candis is supposed to be singing at the Mall with her chorale group late this afternoon and so we are hopeful that may still happen.        I have plans to go to our Brit film Club this afternoon, but may  not be able to drive out.    I'd rather skip it than try to pass through flooded streets.

Hope you are all warm and dry and safe.