Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bathtime in the Valley

Warmer and hotter days call for cooling baths. Here are the girls all fresh and clean.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun with friends

Yesterday was a golden day. A day of laughter, hugging, friendship and talk. We got together in Folsom, a quaint little town with shops and eateries. First we went to our friend Pat's lovely home. She had spread out some of her work on the table so we could see it. It was quite a spread. She is an awesome artist. Works in all dimensions. And totally mixed media. She is a shopper and finds the best bargains on ephemera and "stuff" to use. Amazing things. Well, she says it is time to start getting rid of part of her stash, and she had also set out boxes, bags and baskets of things for us to go through. We took what we wanted and the rest Char is taking to her Women's Aid thrift store.

Pat's home is in an utterly charming condo development that is so cleverly laid out, you don't even know it is one. It winds around through the foothills, with oak trees overhead. The pics are of the hydrangeas in her front yard, the gals at lunch, and a potting bench in a shop.

Thanks Pat for the lovely day with the Wackos.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello again

Bet you thought I'd forgotten this blog. Nope. I was locked out by a password glitch. I always logged on so easily and automatically, it threw me for a loop when I could no longer use my old log ins. Either of them for this one. But nothing changed on the other blog. Oh well, here I am. It's summer now and I"ve been to the country and will go again later in the week. It's going to be over 100 degrees today and it's not even noon, and it is HOT! I was in Sacramento yesterday for a meeting with my cronies/critique group. we had a lot of catching up to do. I'm always delighted to see everyone's new work and have a chance to get reinspired. I came home with one crackerjack idea, but don't know if if can be done. I'll try it out and then post results. In the meantime, enjoy your summer and try to stay cool.