Tuesday, July 24, 2012

checking in again

Nikki, Lulu and I just returned from a wonderful mini vacation at the beach. The LSB Art Show was on Saturday, and it was the main reason for picking the dates for the visit. Also the beach house was available, for a change, on that special weekend. Rosemary went with me and brought her little dog Tuff. I had my two dogs in tow, so we had a row of little dogs on the back seat. They looked so cute. And they were so good. Rosemary and her hubby were worried Tuff would not make friends with my girls, but he was a perfect little gentleman. He mainly ignored them! And they accepted him easily.

Needless to say we all did a lot of walking around town with our little merged pack. Up one street and down another, down to the cliff overlooking the beach. Weather was perfect, sunny and warm. Very unusual for mid July. Inland was hot, in fact very hot. We also did some sewing and playing with magnetic poetry - and cooked. Rosemary tossed fresh veggies in a bag with olive oil, and roasted the veggies on a baking sheet in the oven. My goodness they taste good that way. I baked a small meat loaf before leaving home and had it along for sandwiches, but instead we ate it for dinner.

Speaking of sewing, Rosemary gave me a machine that used to belong to her mother in law. It has a drop feed plate, so I can try some free motion stitching. It will be a challenge. ! In the evenings we watched Pride and Predjudice DVDs. Hours and hours of it, with Colin Firth at Darcy. How fun is that? One evening we watched the first two episodes of The Vicar of Dibley. I'm still laughing.

The art show was wonderful. The weather put everyone in a good mood, and I saw lots of old friends while I was there. The whole vibe of the show was friendly and upbeat. I found some new treasures. Pieces of hand made ceramics drilled to stack together into a totem. The artist had some finished totems, but I was more intrigued by the prospect of constructing my own with some of her components. They will stack together and stay in place with a piece of rebar to stabilize it. I am anxious to learn how to drill through some ceramic plates to add to the construction. I hope my son has the right drill bit, but if not, it's on my shopping list.

On the way home we visited my brother and sister in law. Bob wanted me to add our voice over to the films he is editing - one was our childhood film. We used to have a box full, but over the years they were lost. We had some fun watching it together. Kris took a short video introduction which Bob will add to the film by magic!