Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween with the teens

My grandkids still like to dress up for Halloween. It's always been a special time for them, and for their parents as well. Here's Halloween 2010.

A day with the art girls

Saturday I went with Rosemary to Roseville to a speical event at the Stamp Art Shoppe. It's been awhile since i have been in a shop like this, and believe me,this is a special place. I got a look at the new products, and they have dozens of samples to inspire the patrons. It was great. They served the best little cupcakes I ever ate. Aren't they pretty? We met Char and Pat there and got to visit with them while we looked at everything, and then we went to lunch. How wonderful to get together and laugh and be silly and talk about everything in our lives. We sat outside at lunch and the breeze kept adding leaves to Rosemary's and Pat's salads. that made it even more fun. I just got them landing on my head. Here's a couple pics.

Mail art

Here are some pics of some of the post cards I've made recently. I love mail art, specifically hand made post cards. I've been sending out at least a dozen a week, and have received a few very special ones in return.

I'm back again

My goodness time just flies around here. Life has been so busy I've hardy had time to make art. But I have put in some good hours in the garden. Mexican Sage is blooming furiously. Over my head and 6 feet across. I thought I'd torn most of it out and given it away so expected it would take awhile to reestablish a big clump again. But,no, it seemed to like my tyranny. Trevor and I have been making changes in the garden. He dug up the floor stones in one area that I always planned to use as a patio, but since I'm a putterer and not a garden sitter, I'd rather have more plants. So, soon the Mexican sage is going into the corner there, and mostly herbs will fill the rest of the space. I haven't had a designated herb garden for several years and I really miss it. By spring it will be established and I can hardly wait.

We have also been working on the floor in Living Room. It's still not finished, as so much depends on weather and when the windows can be wide open, and when the humidity is right for the super paint.