Monday, May 29, 2017

The hand last night

This is how it looked end of day Sunday.    Not happy with it.    Will change tomorrow.

The hand collaged.

I like this better now.      

Breakfast floral

I based this on a photo long since removed from an American Artist magazine May 1997.    Unfortunately i did not write the artsts name on it.   I remember it was a woman.  A nun I think.  One who ket watercolor journal.    I will post again after addingvink work.    The reason I kept this was because her ink work around the image is so intriguing.     

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hand day two

Base coat done.     I like the charcoal better than the painted version.    Sometimes I wish I could step backwards...    lol.    Good reason to take photos as work progresses.  

Hand 1

I am attempting a painting of my left hand.   Knuckles are getting swollen and nobby with arthritis.  Not as bad as my aunt's whose hand were nearly useless in her late 80s.    One hand had frozen almost shut and fingers could not open.    

I had not really paid much attention to my own hands until our senior art group leader asked us to draw a hand.     I dug out a drawing i did in 1984 from a college course assignment and compared them.   

Now i can clearly see the gnarls and nobby knuckles.      Im going to do a lot of hand exercises - squeezing a rubber ball and such to help keep them more limber.   Id hate to lose their usefulness.    

This is charcoal sketch with beginning of  background.   

Still life again.

I dug this out again to work on.    Not sure yet where its going but i have 3 day weekend to spend on projects.      Hmmm.....

Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 26 rose sketch

May 25th breakfast sketch

Wildflowers on hillside.   

May 27 breakfast sketch

This little ad for Sonoma Count, california in the Aaa magazine seemed like a challenging subject for morning sketch.    Its saturday morning on three day holiday weekend.   I bet there is a lot of traffic on this road today.     Im glad to be here in the studio with paint brush in hand rather than the steering wheel.          

Friday second sketch

Green and gold

Friday breakfast sketch

Thinking green w touch of gold ink.

Flowers for Patzee

Finally Im satisfied with this delicious piece.      Its so rich and colorful.      Its in the mail.    I hope she gets it today.    I know it will brighten her day.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 22nd breakfast abstract

Working in a series

Sometimes a subject is intriguing enough to explore over several art sessions.    Overlapping circular shapes caught my interest.  I like the weaving through of images and colors.  Years ago I used a series of acrylic circles in an altered book which gave the effect of a chain.  

As i am experimenting with watercolor abstracts this series fits into my style.    Using the black ink to ouline the watercolor shapes makes the layering jump.    I can see a few more days of this can be fun.   Then I plan to concentrate on landscapes again.      

May 22 2nd piece

May 23 breakfast sketch

May 21 breakfast sketch

Breakfast abstract. May 24

Neutral abstract with circles

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Breakfast at the beach

This little sketch is from a photo taken by my aunt on one of our outings.   I dont think she ever painted it but i remember she sold lots of cards with this photo at the art shows in Santa Cruz and Carmel areas.  Sometimes we would sketch but other times we just snapped photos and had a picnic lunch.     They were really special times.   

Breakfast with Jack Pellew

This morning I based this little sketch on a picture from an old art magazine.  1982.   That was one of my cancer years.   I didnt pick up a paint brush until chemo was over and I was well enough to function again.   In those days I painted in oil.   If I had tried my hand at watercolor sketches - i could have painted daily.     Woulda, coulda, shoulda moment.      Lol.   I probably pulled this out for an oil painting as the palette is interesting.   It was fun to capture in simple watercolors.     

May 18 breakfast sketch

May 17 breakfast sketch

May 19 breakfast sketch

Play day

Our mixed media group divided up the space on watercolor paper and filled in the spaces as we visited.     Time flew by.    I chose a limited palette and design elements.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Felted floral.

Just finished this one for a friend.   If you zoom in you get a better sense of thecwool colors and layering used to create it.   

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Breakfast sketch landscape

Id like to wake up in this setting.    Focusing on a landscape during breakfast is almost as good as being there.   

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Abstract w pink

Another breakfast abstract.

Morning abstracts resumed.

Change in weather makes studio comfortable for morning painting.   We had very hot weather for about a week. Now its more normal again. I only used air conditioner two days.      Ì

Friday, May 5, 2017





I did color blob. Barbara added ink work.  Angry bird.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Play day with mixed media pals. We drew little creatures.  In this case Barbara suggested we start with drawing eyes.    Thses blobs of color were smushed around then finished with outlines.  Fun.

Blob . Fox on skis

Pretty in pink blob

Green blob characters.

More blob critters.

More critters.

These started with color blobs. Details including eyes added after pain dried.