Monday, October 18, 2010

Work hanging in Bonnie's gallery

Bonnie invited the gals in the Sac Mixed Media group to hang a show at her husband's business, and so my things along with the other gals have had a group show since the beginning of the month. I was not able to be there, but it looked great from the photos I saw. Will try to post pics later.

This too shall pass and Book arts Jam

I had oral surgery again today. OUCH! It did not take long they are so professional, the dr and staff work together so beautifully. I was not looking forward to it though and am now recuperating and hoping the bleeding will stop. I've had a good nursemaid with Candis sitting with me and then as the day went on and I was feeling better, she comes up every hour and checks on me. By tomorrow I should be fine again. there were good old movies on TV today, so I had movie festival. Not up to much more than that.

Sally, Bonnie and I went to the Bay ARea Book Arts Jam on Saturday and the San Jose Rubber Stamp Show. wow, what a day. I didn't have to drive, so that was a huge bonus. and once there we saw quite a few friends. Wendy and Kate, Roberta S., Maria, Barbara, Patti, Suzanne and Susanne and Sue. At the Rubber Stamp show we ran into Margaret and Deb. It was a great day for seeing people I seldom see. And the new products at the stamp show were wonderful. Some of my favorite vendors were there. the Bay Area Book Jam was not as crowded as last year, but the work that was shown was wonderful. Very imaginative stuff. I hope they continue this annual event because it is the ONE place to get to see work of many artists and a chance to talk to them and telll them how great their work is. Photo is of Roberta on one side of me and Bonnie on the other. Nothing is better than friendships.