Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept flew by

Now, it's the 29th of Sept. I do a much better job keeping the other blog updated. Not so much happening around here that is of interest. More gardening, more grooming and feeding dogs. More art coming and going. Today a friend called to tell us an old mutual friend's daughter died. Services out of town on Sunday. I doubt that I'll go, but I'll certainly call and send a card. How sad it is to lose a child. Not that Peggy was a child any longer. In fact, she has to be 50ish. But that does not make it easy for the parents or her own children to bear. Very sad to hear this. I've been holed up a few days with a cold. Felt better this a.m. and decided to clean out the linen closet. You'd think I run a hotel! I have collected so many beautiful linens, and here I am with but one single bed...... LOL I know it doesn't make any sense. But having dogs, I cover my furniture with sheets so like to have plenty of fresh ones ready to change at a whim. I think it's perhaps time to downscale my collection however. Just can't decide which ones can go. Think I"ll call my DIL and ask if she needs any nice sheets.

While cleaning the linens, I found buried behind them - 2 bags of new stuffed toys for the dogs. Boy did they have fun trying to pick out a few to play with. When they are worn out/chewed up - I'll switch for some new ones again.

We had a 2 day cold snap that's what brought on this cold. I caught a chill and could not shake it off. Since then it's been in the 90s. But, next week, it will cool off again and we'll have some early fall rain. I have to get to the country and winterize. What a shame. I hardly spent any time there this year. Maybe next year weather will be more cooperative.

What else is new this month. Oh yes, Bobbi's husband Gary was hospitalized, via ambulance, for a bleeding ulcer. They got it under control and now he is home on the mend. And Bobbi is undergoing medical tests for some of her health issues. I'm so glad she is taking care of them.

I've been working on emailing to my classmates from high school, setting up a reunion. 55 years. I set up a Yahoo group for them a couple years ago, and it's easy to reach the ones that joined. A lot more joined now that we are talking about a reunion. It's harder to reach those that are not on that mailing list. We were a big class, so it takes about a dozen mailing lists to reach everyone. It's coming together nicely. Two of the guys are doing the majority of the work. Another one has recently posted pics from the last reunions, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years. I don't recognize a single person. But they won't recognize me either. Roy is making name tags with our graduation pics on them. Maybe that will help. LOL The pic is me (dark hair) and my best high school pal Barbara who was widowed last year. She's coming out for the reunion. It will be wonderful to see her. Pic was taken of us in Yosemite Valley in 1955.

Tomorrow I need to pick up the painting and assemblage from Stockton Art League. I think I'll put that painting in the Lodi gallery for October. It's never been shown there.

That's about it for now. Time to feed the animals. Buddy is starting to pace back and forth in front of me. Lulu is waiting for her signal to pick up the dishes and bring them to me. She's so proud of herself, and now give me ten afterwards. Cause that's what Nikki does.