Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lilac Time

Here they are. Coming in like mad and in the middle of rain storms. I picked these a couple days ago, so I could have them close up near by doorway. Aren't they beautiful? I can't have them inside because of allergies. Darn. The other pic is looking down my stairs to the garden. I keep some pretty things on the little landing.

Mixed Media Group

Last Thursday the mixed media group met and were led by Vivian Choy in a basket making project. Folded newspapers were the base. Here is a pic. I didn't work on this, but instead carved more stamps. I'm folding challenged as most everyone knows.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fine Day with Friends

Oh my! What could be better than an outing with friends. Rosemary and Char got us to go to the Stamp Art Shoppe in Roseville on Saturday. So, with Bobbi, Pat , Cat and Pam, we had a good time laughing and sharing. Rosemary made a paper apron that was hanging in the shop. There was a contest that day, with three contestants. Each was given a cake box full of assorted supplies and their challenge was to make something using everything in the box and the box itself. They had no idea what was inside when they got it, and they were timed. They worked furiously and each one came up with a truly unique concept and did the job. Awesome. I'm quite sure I could not work in front of a crowd with a challenge like that, and a time clock ticking away.

While that was going on, I was shopping. I bought some of the distress inks in bottles with daubers on top. And a few more rubber stamps I could not resist. Each of us came home with a few new things for our art.

Sunday I made two batches of post cards, each one using the daubers and a new stamp. Some of you will be seeing them showing up in your mail boxes soon.

Monday a whole bunch of seniors showed up at the Sr. Center to hang the art show. we had to construct the structures to hang them on. The man putting it on is John Carruthers. He got a city grant to do this. He also did the designing of the structures, and precut and predrilled them, so we only needed to assemble them. then figure out how to hang so many paintings. Hanging on the front was not too hard, although it was a bit tricky. But hanging on the reverse side without knocking the front ones off was a huge challenge. It took us more than half a day without stopping to get the job done. Thank goodness enough people showed up to make it doable.

Today an old friend stopped by to say hello. He was in the area on a whirlwind tour. Dan is a singer/composer who had sung at my retirement party. I have several of his CDs and listen to them often. It was a total surprise to see him at my door, and my little dogs went crazy, now knowing who he is. He filled me in with the news of people we both know, and what is new in his life. Val (his wife) is working so could not make the trip. It was so wonderful to see him again. He is going next to Sacramento to record some music with the Anderson Gram duo. You are in for a treat if you can hear some of the music created by these wonderful people. Click on the links to hear some of it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring rains

This week has been a week of light rains and breezes. I only got out to garden for short periods. Lulu had a sick day, I had a volunteer day, Candis was in a concert, and the rest of the week has slipped by with me working on special projects. Surprises for very special people so I can't say who or why here. I'll post after things are delivered. And then there is the post card for the Lodi Art Center. It has taken hours and hours and hours. Tweaking, changing text, adding this and that and then finding out how to upload it and tweak it in the program for the Vista Print and for Staples. I wanted to compare their systems and prices. Still not ordered, but must do ASAP.

ON the spring front, the swelling buds on the white lilacs started to open day before yesterday. It's been rainy since then. I'm trusting the sun will come out before too many more days, and dry them and make them open fully. They are always so beautiful. The yellow (weeds) oxalis are blooming along with the violets. Yesterday some of the geraniums started to bloom. I'd sure like to be outside weeding. Little weed seedlings are springing up everywhere. I dug up a few more of the little white birch seedlings and have them in pots. I love the idea of starting trees from seeds. It does not seem possible, but I know better. I have a number of trees planted by God in my back yard. A walnut tree, a holly tree, and others delivered by birds apparently. I always get an oak or two every year. Blue jays bring them in. My little garden is too small for all these trees so I have to tug them out or cut them back. I've been cutting that walnut tree back to the ground at least twice a year for probably 10 years. It just won't give up trying. LOL

I have pansies to put in the ground, they are still in their little six packs. Finding a spare inch of space is a challenge. I can't resist buying pansies. And Johnny Jump ups. And allysum. All come in the spring just before the herbs show up at the garden centers. Then I want all the good smelling herbs to fill in spaces. Here's an old pic from my garden.