Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas is coming to town

Actually, I get quite sick of the whole hubbub - with store decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween and having 50% off sales immediately.      

At home I am not putting up a tree this year, but bought a cute little rosemary plant trimmed into a Christmas tree form.     I do this every few years, and then plant them in the garden.      But, inside I did just a little decorating.   i keep most of my christmas things in a trunk, so I just open it up and arrange things inside - then afterwards put things back inside and close it up.  Aren't I the lazy one?     

In the kitchen area I have the little owls and hang a few decorations from the herb sign.    That's enough Christmas cheer for me this year.  Last year I hung ornaments from the vintage chandelliers in the solarium, but since we have had storm after storm, I'm not out there at all to enjoy it.  Any days we do have sun, I have to spend the day raking and picking up storm debris.

I'm expecting to spend a lot of good art time out there on sunny days once the weather improves.      No one in California should complain about the rain, as  it is needed so badly.    We hardly noticed there was a winter last year....  sunny most of the time.   

Have a happy holiday season.