Monday, November 28, 2011

Saturday after Thanksgiving

While in Oakdale the day before, I saw some nice little topiary pieces some in shapes of trees , some as wreaths and some as stars. I wanted to buy local in Stockton however so waited to visit the Alpine Nursery, a local owned family business that always has nice things. Phyllis and I went to see a shop we had never seen before. Word of mouth is their way of advertising! The outside of the shop is dismal, but inside is a fairyland of Christmas decor. I bought one tiny little ornament there. Then we went to the nursery and I bought a little star shaped topiary and a bowl of flowering plants for outside my door. I put the little ornament in the topiary, and it's in my bedroom. I think it is charming. Here it is.

End of November

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. I had a quiet one, but it was a fun one. With work schedules to contend with it was hard to plan anything, so at the last minute I threw together a nice dinner for my son and his two sons. My DIL and granddaughter off to celebrate with her folks, we were a small party of four left here. We had lots of good conversation and I think they enjoyed sitting down to a nice dinner instead of foraging in the freezer for something to heat up. We could have eaten at a local buffet, which we did the first Thanksgiving when we moved into this house on that day. But, I wanted the smell of cooking, and the warmth of the home.

Day after Thanksgiving I went off to Oakdale to meet some friends for a day of shopping small businesses. I Love Paris was the first shop. Then on to Empty Nest. We did a bit of walking before we could find a restaurant open to eat lunch. I didn't know so many would be closed the day after the holiday. I bought a picture in Empty Nest which is now hanging over my bed. Here's a pic of the gals in front of a cute little shop and a pic of my bed with the new picture above it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Grey day

It's chilly and grey today, looks like rain any minute, but holding off so far. My brother sent me the link to the home movies he's had converted and is uploading to his site. One of them is from our childhood in Silver City, Nevada. Very cute. Mother took some of them, and Dad the rest. There were pics of us playing with the bunnies, and baby ducklings. Also pics of the rooster and chickens. And some of our friends. This was preWW2. Another portion is a trip we took to Lake Tahoe. One section I liked was the one where we were out of the car at a rest /water stop. Mother was in a western style shirt and skirt and hat. She waved her hat at the camera and it made me feel so good to have a little nostalgic moment. Then I put on a sombrero with little balls hanging from it, do you remember them? And in one spot Bob was goofing off and got between me and the camera (he used to tease me a lot! LOL) I freeze framed them and took pics with my camera. Here we are in 1941. You will notice this is color film.

We used to have lots of home movies, and a number of the original Walt Disney movies. I remember once we had a movie night in the back yard with the cartoons (silent) and neighbor kids (picture us giggling). In a little mining town in those days, that was a big entertainment. Pre TV, closest real movie theater in Carson City. Two room school house. Very small town in those days. It still is. Over the years we lost track of the old movies. Such a shame. I'm glad Bob still had this one to share.

This all reminds me why we always carry cameras in our family. Thank goodness for digital. The only thing that kept me from taking zillions of photos in my lifetime was the cost of developing them. My kids and grandkids are relying on their cell phones for photos now. Technology! I can't keep up.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friday grows up

When I drove in yesterday, my son Matt was out playing with Friday. They were playing with a tennis ball, which is Friday's fav toy. Here she is, so you can see how big she is getting.

Birch trees in full color

I didn't get away to the high country for a good dose of leaf color, but it came to town now, so every street I drive down is ablaze. And it's been sunny so they just glow against the blue sky. Here is the one at the back of my house, from my little 2nd floor deck. I'm right in it practically.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friend Jean turns 80

One of my favorite people celebrated her 80th birthday today. Her daughters insisted she had to have a party, and so they arranged it all at her house. About 35 people were there. Family and friends. Heres some pics, and also pictures of her art which is hanging at the Lodi Public Library this month. She is the featured artist. That's my grandson Nathan helping to hang her show.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gone, gone, gone.

My little Buddy is gone. I'm sure going to miss him. My grandchildren don't remember life before Buddy. Of course we've all had a lot of other dogs since he came. Lady went first, then my precious Suzie, Bud's best friend. The kids have 4 dogs, and now I just have Nikki and Lulu. Someone asked if I would get another. No. Two are plenty to handle, especially walking. And especially since one is a lunatic! That of course would be Lulu. The talking Terrier. When she is really upset at something happening on the street below our front window which she sees from the back of the chair - she mouths all kinds of sounds and runs over to tell me all about it. She really looks like she is talking, but is comes out like rowl, rah, rowwer, rahh, etc.. She isnt' happy until I go look out and window to see where her nose is pointing, and assure her that we are safe and sound in our little nest. The pic shows my little pack when there were three.

My thanks to all of you who have dropped me notes about Buddy. We all know going into pet ownership, that it's almost a given we will outlive them and have to deal with their loss. But they give us so much love and companionship, and fun - we still do it. This is the last photo I took of Bud. He almost made it to 19, just shy of two months. Buddy, the perfect little gentleman will be missed for a long time. Nikki is looking for him. Lulu only misses the fun she had telling me when he was waking up or needed a walk. At dinner time, I was curious whether she would look for three dishes to pick up and bring me. She brought me two and didn't look for the third.

It will seem strange not staying half awake all night to see if Buddy needs anything. The picture I have in my mind is that Buddy is now with Suzie and they are having a sniff and pee competition again like the old days, only without leashes, what fun! Then they'll have some bacon bits and snuggle up on my dad's lap with Shuni, Schnitzle, Lady1, Lady 2 and Holly. He'll make room for them all.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hanging on

My little Buddy is still hanging on. He is very unsteady on his feet today and seems so confused and bewildered. But, he does not seem to suffer pain. So, we wait and watch, and pet and carry him. He's up now cause it's time to eat. He can make it to the kitchen with no help! Sly little guy.

While out walking with him in the garden I picked armloads of mexican sage which is in full bloom. It's very blustery today, every wind chime and rattley thing in the garden is making noise. The wind in the trees is knocking down leaves right and left - and sending them all to my back garden. I'm ankle deep today. We are expecting rain tomorrow afternoon, so in the morning the leaves need to be picked up so they don't get wet and slippery. Here's some of my sage. I wish I could give you an armload for your table. they last a long time.

I did the girl's toenails today, sitting in the sun out of the wind. Then we went into the solarium which registerd 80 degrees most of the day. It was heavenly to work out there and it it so light, I can see so well. I guess and hope that's where a lot of post cards will be made. Maybe some will come your way.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Buddy lives through another day

My poor little fella had a bad day today. Nikki is keeping watch with me, poking him with her nose every now and then to make sure he's okay. Soon as he moves the girls come running to tell me to come see. I've carried him down to the garden half a dozen times today. He can hardly stand on his poor little legs today, he's so weak. I honestly did not think he'd live through the day. But meal time came and he got up and ate his dinner and went back to bed. Was this his last meal? I can't say. I know he has not much time left. Here's how he spends most of his time.

My granddaughter Keena has a dog named Khloe. Khloe got really sick recently, and had to be rushed to vet hospital for treatment. She's doing better but Keena and her mom were very worried. I'm so glad for them.

Halloween 2011

Our house was a popular place last evening. we started with about 90 pounds of choice candy bars and a decorated front entrance. Matt had the electric chair out front, and there were witches that moved and had horrible laughs, and other big electric things with green glowing eyes and they groaned or screamed. Here are a few pics. One is when the chair stopped working and he had to do a quick repair. There were crowds of kids and parent cheering the willing victims who got the extra size candy bars for being so brave. BTW the chair only makes noises, lights up and shakes the person sitting there. it is kind of scary though cause you don't know when the shaking and thumping will happen.