Sunday, January 19, 2014

Grousing about Downton Abbey

After waiting and waiting impatiently for the new season of Downton Abbey to start, along with most of my friends who watch religiously, we had such an awful shock with the attack on Anna during the last show.   Yes, I know it is a soap opera, but it was also a "safe place".     So, they killed off Lady Sybil one season, and Matthew last season, at least Anna and Bates were in a comfortable place again, and we had no reason to expect that to change.   Enter the villian.   Why?    We are so disappointed in the writer, the plot and now the season is ruined for some of us.    A few friends refuse to watch it again.        I'm going to watch and report back to them.      This was so senseless.      It seems to me that there are enough characters to create dramas - without resorting to violence.  And in the middle of an opera singer's performance!      Now what will happen.   I'm giving it another chance, but anything else like this will turn me off too.  If Maggie Smith were not so wonderful in the program, I'd probably give it up.    All the beautiful costumes and sets will not erase this horrible memory.    I will not purchase the set of DVDs, or support it through contributing to PBS.       I'll be happy to watch reruns of Doc Martin.       Again and again and again.      I already have that set.     

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another challenge

My art friend in Texas, Diane answered the challenge put out by another blogger, and it seems doable and fun, so I'm going to join in too.      Here is the scoop.           Those of us who have  joined in will be posting photos this month of red things.   Anything red.       It's one of my favorite colors so it should be really fun, and red in January is so warm and alive, it's a pleasure looking at it, or snuggling under it.      I'll post pics soon.