Thursday, October 27, 2011

Senility has it's moments

My poor old dog Buddy is getting senile. Not too surprising. What is surprising is he is still alive. One day last week he came in through his doggie door (entrance is through my closet onto the deck). The went straight ahead instead of coming into the bedroom. Well, my closet is really crowded with the vacuum, dust mop, broom, luggage, etc. and he got himself stuck. Dogs don't always want to turn around. I had to dig him out of the back corner. Good thing I had been watching for his return, or he could have been there a lot longer. He can still see, but not really well. The last few nights he has been making strange noises at night, I keep thinking it is a death rattle, so of course I get up to check on him. He sleeps only a few feet away on his soft cuddly cushion. Last night he did it again, and then he got up and headed for his doggie door, sort of stumbling along and limping a bit. But he got outside. I heard him coming back in, I saw the curtain hanging across the open closet door moving so figured he came out. Then I hear a bunch of bumping noises. I wondered if he had changed his mind and got stuck in the closet again. Then I noticed my recliner rocker moving and then there were more bumping noises. Well, I got up and there he was stuck inside the works of my chair. I could not get him from the front, or from the back of the chair, so turned it on it's side, and out he plunked! I have no idea how he managed to get himself into that spot, it's blocked off with a screen and baskets, but he squeezed himself behind and around the chair apparently. Poor old boy. He's having problems. He was never the brightest bulb in the pack, but he's always been the sweetest, best tempered little gentleman. He can still remember when it's time to eat and where to get his meals. And he still can find his way out, to his pee pad. He's my little sweetheart and let's me dress him up.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another puppy

This one doesn't live here, but it came for it's first visit. Candis' best friend Jessica was given this adorable little girl. Her name is Reeses, for the candy. She is very sweet and seemed well behaved. We weighed her at 4 pounds but I think it must have been wrong, cause she feels like a feather. Nikki and Buddy loved her, but Lulu could not wrap her head around what this little creature was doing snuggling in her bed and trying to play. I hope she comes to visit again. At first I thought she is a chihuahua, but after watching her demeanor, I think shes at least part rat terrier. super alert and quick. Isn't she a cutie?

Another new pup came to California from Texas for Zachary, my friend Cat's grandson. He is so alone with both parents gone and his other set of grandparents. He's in his 20s now and had not found the right girl yet, so he got himself the dog he's been dreaming of since he was a child and saw a movie with the name "Josie" in it. He loved that red hound dog, and went online and found this pup. I saw it yesterday and it's supersweet, mellow, big and has a chewing habit that will cost him a fortune in chew toys. LOL Next time I see him I'll have a nice bag of them for him. Of course he named the dog Josie after the movie. Now I want to see the movie so I'll understand what he sees in this breed dog. I didn't get a pic yet. I forgot to grab my camera, I just wanted to pet the puppy. I hope this helps fill the hole in Zachary's heart.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's new?

Oh my , it has been busy time and a worrying time. My oldest son had been suffering from an intestinal ailment for many weeks, with several hospitalizations. Finally they convinced him that they needed to do surgery to get at the root of the problem, despite his other medical conditions that made them hesitate that long. What they found were a number of perforations and abscesses in the intestines, with a lot of dead tissue. No wonder he had been throwing up for weeks and finally having a lot of pain. Long story, short version. He had the surgery and is now on the mend. I talked to him this a.m. and he sounded very alert and cheerful. the best I've heard him sound for a few months. Whew! Here are two pics. One when he was a baby, and one from about 10 years ago on a camping trip.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More than 55 years later....

Here is a pic of Barbara in the center, Pat on the right, and me on the left. Oh my gosh! so much time has passed. This is the first time we have been together in all these decades. It was so much fun to see them and to reminisce.