Monday, January 29, 2007

Art therapy - tyvek painting

Today I experimented with painting on Tyvek with watered down fluid acrylic paints. Dried fall leaves were used to imprint the veins.

Dancing in heaven

The picture I have in my mind this a.m. is of my little aunt in her husband's arms as he leads her around a big dance floor. They are smiling. So am I.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

She's gone, gone, gone.......

Today, while I was having an art day in Sacramento, my dear little aunt passed away. Peacefully and with no fuss. I'm only sad for me. I know she was ready. Thank you God for taking her home.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Gel transfers with injet images

My art pal Jackie and I experimented with gel medium transfers today, not knowing the other one was doing the same thing. Our muses sometimes skip along together! Here are some of the experiments. In one case I enhanced the image digitally to see what that would look like. The whole trick to this method is to work fast. One second longer and it will be trash. Anyone trying it - just be ready to move quickly. Have all materials ready to go. All you need is a background on which to transfer your image, gel medium, a brush or sponge brush, and an inkjet image. Brush the gel medium on the background, smooth it as much as you can, you can use your fingers for this, or leave the brush marks in. Lay the image down, injet side directly on the wet gel medium. Then rub it on particularly where faces or details are desired. Then lift it off quickly. Don't let it sit there long. I really recommend practice for this before you try a transfer on something important - like in an altered book, or a collage. Once you get the touch, it is much easier and predictable.

Class at Delta College

Yesterday was the first day of the new semester. We gathered at 12 noon and got settled in. Several people were new to me. Others were familiar faces. I look forward to Thursdays as a day to make art with other people. Mostly I work alone. Sally went with me and we met her friend Rosemary there. Bobbi could not make it, with a grandchild's ball game to attend at the same hour. The new people will be figuring out what they want to work on and what materials they will want to bring - and what to carry them to class in. I'm glad I worked through all that last semester. I'm working on my altered book there. I did cutting and pasting of fashion images yesterday - next week I dig out the paints. Now, maybe I'll make some progress with it. I have fabulous images to work with. One of the gals in class, Beverly, showed us a piece of art she had just done. She saw the technique on TV and the results were lovely. So, of course we all want to learn to do it. I got the directions online from HGTV, and I'm setting off to get spay adhesive and button hole thread today so I can give it a try. If I manage to get one done, I'll post pics later.

Verna Mae - Thinking of my little aunt

Those of you who know me well, also know I am devoted to my dear friend, aunt, mentor, and confidante Verna Mae. Most of you have never seen her. You will see why I always refer to her as my little aunt. Here are some photos of her. VM as a toddler, VM with my mother on lawn, VM as young woman, VM last fall grocery shopping, VM with her friend Cindy who came to show her the new puppy. Today VM is moving into an assisted living facility where she will have a small apt. and all the care that she needs at this time of her life. She is a fearless little lady! A new adventure at the age of 91. Those of us who love her are glad she was able to make this decision with a sound mind - it's only the body that's failing her.

Monday, January 22, 2007

zen quilt background

A few months ago, one group posted a zen quilt challenge. Using scraps of fabric, sew them randomly over newspaper. Wash it and the paper goes away. Well, I used scraps of fabrics I don't like, because I knew I'd never make a quilt - but I could possibly use it as a background for painting. Here are the three steps. First the pieced quilt. Then painted over. And finally the painted piece with stamps, glazes, etc. I left the paper sewed to the piece. This is an example of making something out of nothing.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Paintings cut for booklet covers

I constructed some envelope books using cut paintings for covers. Here are some of the results.

These are birthday gifts for gals in the ClothPaperStudio group.

Image transfers

Here are a couple of attempts at transferring inkjet images to paper with only gel medium, which was first applied to the paper. Then the image was laid upon it, rubbed and quickly removed. As you can see, I'm a novice at this. I recall doing this technique with injet images printed on transparancies - which gave much better results. But I had to try this anyway.

Paintings - inchies

One of the online art groups I belong to posted a challenge to make one inch paintings/collages. I cut up some abstract scraps into one inch squares. I didn't want to add images yet. Right now I'm enjoying the colors and the textures. Here are some of the results.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Poetry meets Painting

From the previous post, I used the top image and added some text with Photoshop Elements. Shelly's words seem to lead one off into another world, and this piece leads one along the pink path - so they seemed to be a meaningful fit.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Series using single image

This face! It is the face of artist Bruni's wife, which he did around 1917. I was looking for an image to use that would compliment the abstract backgrounds that I cut up to form a small book. This is actually the second in the series of artist's self portraits, but with this extra twist. I loved her on all the backgrounds, so just played around with using the same image. Here are some of the results.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Layered postcards

I took two of the postcards and layered them digitally. Here is the result.

Post cards

Here are a few more post cards I did last week. I haven't sealed them yet, as weather is too cold to use spray acrylic outside. It's 11 in the morning and temperature is 29 degrees. This is unheard of! Night dropped to 21 degrees. I guess we have about a week of this ahead with the Arctic flow passing through the region.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nathan's birthday

Today, Nathan turned 12. This is a picture I took of him when he was 10, sketching with me at Silver Lake. He loves to draw. I just know he will be an artist someday! Happy Birthday Nathan.

Blue woman

This piece is a silhouette of a fashion model done with painters tape on a background of acrylics on canvas paper. The caption was added digitally.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Little paintings

Not much on the art activity side of my life this week. I've been on the coast caring for ailing elderly aunt. I had some spare moments and used the watercolor pencils and little post cards to make two little paintings. I'm still playing with them. The winter colors are so bright right now, I used lots of colors on these. I'm not used to working so small and tight, but these are the materials I had with me.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Fashion Models in Altered book

This really is California isn't it? It's so cold! And windy! It blew so hard during the night I thought I'd wake up in Kansas. It was brilliantly clear and bright today, that's the good news. No fog! No rain! Brrr.........

Today I played with fashion model images in a book I'm altering. The book is Geoffrey Fletcher's LONDON. It is ca. 1960's, printed on acidic paper. It has lots of his lovely black and white sketches that I can play off of. Here are a couple of pictures of spreads that I've started in the book. I'm using Golden Fluid Acrylic paints and Dick Blick Gel Medium.

Thursday, January 4, 2007


Brother Bob gave me a webcam and mike so we can use SKYPE-mail. I got it all hooked up today and we had our first conversation on camera through the computer. No more long distance calls. How cool is this?

One of the best parts is, if I put his picture on full screen it looks like an impressionist painting. I love it. Kris joined us for a few moments, so I had a two person conversation. We haven't tried the conference call yet, but if I know my brother, he'll have one set up later tonite. Everyone should have a brother like mine!

Monday, January 1, 2007

More of Don's book

Artists and composers

Pictures are of the little book constructed of cut up abstract paintings and background experiments on watercolor paper. This is for Don Walker - a belated Birthday/Christmas gift.