Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jan 20 breakfast sketch

Sometimes sage on the desert comes to mind.     

Jan 21 breakfast sketch

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jan 19 abstract 3

After picking up oranges that were battered and felled by the storm i found time to play with paints again.   Heres thexlast one for today. Its still wet so no onk work done yet.

Jan 19 abstract 2

Jan 19 abstract

After huge storm last night the sun came out warming up the studio.   Its so good to paint in the natural light there.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Stamp on wood

This is another stamp i carved in the past. Stamped onto wood card and colored with jane davenport watercolor paint brushes.  Just to see what they would do on wood.   I know one of my friends will ask....Im ready with a sample to give her.   

Split face

After painting this I stepped back and noticed the eyes were set too close together.  So i split it.    

Eye love you

This started with a heart. Lousy colors.  Filled in some background then stamped eyes.     Abstract plus one.

Half a face

Jane Davenport stamp used and her paints.  I hated the way it came out but this half doesnt look so bad.  What do you think? 

Jan. 14 abstracts

A mail art group did an abstract plus one swap recently which made me wonder what one thin i could add to my abstracts.

I dug out a stamp i carved a few years ago.   That swap mostly added collage msterials. But i thought this might work better.  

Jane davenport stencil

Friends came over and we played with some new Jane Davenport products that are being sold at Michaels.     Sally brought this older stencil. I painted it in with JD s watercolor paint water brushes.  colorful.

Rubber stamp plus fabric

Another of my hand carved stamps with cut out fabric heart.   

Friday, January 13, 2017

Sallys abstract

Sallys finished up this one at home after the workshop.

Nancys abstract

I taught a workshop last week showing the gals how I do my watercolor abstracts.   I knew each person would make it their own - and they did.      Nancy did this one.   

Jan 13 abstract

Its feels so good to have paint brush in hand again.      I have new watercolors so will be yring them out now.     

Atc size abstracts

I found it can be done.   

Jan 11 abstract watercolor

Post holiday - now I can get back to my painting routine.