Saturday, April 21, 2007

Altered Book Delivered

Last evening was the concert in Pleasant Hill at Jill's house. Jill is definitely the hostess with the mostest. Three of my grandchildren went with me so it made it even more special an evening.

Dan'l shared his wonderful music and humor and made some new fans, I'm sure. Anderson-Gram performed music from their CDs and blew us away. They can really make music and are perfect partners in a concert with Dan'l.

For anyone interested in folk music at it's finest, you'd do well to buy Cds from both Dan and Anderson-Gram. Dan'l can be found at Gayle and Bob can be found at

I gave Dan'l the Sanborn book and he and Val (his wife) were delighted with it. Here's a pic. It was a special moment all the way around. We don't all have the same talents, do we? Musicians and composers are so open and sharing of their talents. And for those of us into other art forms, it's fun to share what we do - particulaly with people we know who will appreciate it.

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