Monday, October 22, 2007

Concord group - atcs

Yesterday I met with the group formed by Margaret in Concord, to make and swap ATCs. This was my second time to go, and I'm hooked. Bobbi went with me so I introduced her to Margaret and Sue and Paulette from last month's meeting, and we met some new gals this time, including Peggy Gatto (yes, the real Peggy G). We had fun sharing our art and then doing an ATc making activity where we pulled slips of paper with a technique to use on our cards. After using it, we would pull another one, and keep on doing this until we felt the piece was done. One visitor came and blew us away with her new artwork. I didn't photograph it because it is totally unique and she hasn't had a chance to show it around yet. But, I did take a picture of her shoes. Chel from ZNE popped in also. The other picture is part of the group. Great fun to get together to make art with others.

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Diane said...

You know Peggy??? She's in my collage RR!!! She mails to me in the pecking order.
Is this a small but altered world or what!
... I know I'm way behind, but what with the cruise and the quilt show and now Thanksgiving is almost here... I'm never gonna be caught up. Just giving up on that. And moving on.