Saturday, August 20, 2016

The blue eyed cowboy returns

A couple years ago when i was in the portrait mode - I had transferred this sketch onto watercolor paoer.   I dug it out of a "starter" pile of sketches that might someday call out to be painted. 

Ĺ I started it yesterday with very dark hair and moutache. Then I added a background resembling oil painting strokes w palette knife.   It was not working so using a wet brush I lifted the dark colors and tweaked many adjustments.  

Next I used a soppy wet brush and scrubbed the colors in background to muddy it to a neutral then dabbed with textured paper towel.   It really softened the whole atmosphere.   I can see a few things I want to tweak more. But I think for the most part it is done.   During this transition he appears younger and younger.   That was not my intention.

I want to do it again and make him more weathered and worn.     The way cowboys look after years in the saddle breathing dust and baking in the hot sun.   

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