Friday, February 9, 2007

Bird cage puzzle

In my garden I have old birdcages sitting here and there. Sometimes I use them to protect plants, other times they are just for decoration. When I was leaving the studio today, my dogs were barking behind it. It was raining and I knew they wouldn't be out there unless there was something really interesting. Usually it is a cat on the fence, or one they have chased under the studio. But today was a different story.

Buddy and Suzie were on either side of an old birdcage that sits on the ground. It has no floor. Inside the bird cage was a wild bird about the size of a small robin, greybrown in color. It was very much alive and not liking the dogs barking, but unable to escape. How did it get in the cage? That's the puzzling thing. The cage sits flush on the ground. Door was closed, and spring loaded so it would be impossible for a little bird to pry it open. Could it have squeezed between the wires? Could something have chased it and bumped the cage lifting it up on one side and the bird dashed in? I dont' have a clue. I got my daughter-in-law to step out and look - I knew noone would believe me. She held on to the dogs while I lifted the cage. The bird just sat there so I gave it a tiny nudge and it flew right up into a tree. I'd sure like to know the answer. Janene

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