Sunday, March 18, 2007

Art day today

I've been experimenting with odd things while I'm cleaning the studio today. The first photo is of some ATCs that I made with my old grocery plastic bag that I use for texturizing acrylic paints and for moving paints from one painting to another. I decided I liked it well enough to make an art piece out of it, so I glued it to watercolor paper with acrylic gel medium. When it was dry I cut it into ATC size pieces.

The second photo is of an old watercolor painting that I painted over with white paint. While it was wet (and I had to move fast) I scratched into the surface. Then I thought I'd go over it again with a glaze and scratch back to some of the white. Here are the white birches that appeared.

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Anonymous said...

Wow after reading that those weren't paintings of birch trees and they were really floral tissue paper I about fell outta my chair. That's amazing and that turned out fantastic!!!