Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Breakfast with Lin

A few years ago I bought a snall watercolor painting from the artist.   She signed it "lin"i cant find her card any more so i cant give her the prper credit she deserves.   Seems to me it was Folsom or Fair Oaks where I found her teaching and showing her work in a shared shop on the main street of the old tiwn.  Across from the town park.  Odd little town. Chickens waNdering the streets.  Beautiful ones. .     Anyhow I took the picture down from my wall and thought Id try to capture the colors she used.   Its darker than most of my landscapes.  But thats why I like it so much.    Heres my attempts.   I started small and decided to do a larger one as well.   They are not finished.   But its breakfast and time to share.     Ill try to find a link for her when I post finished paintings.    

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