Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fabric collage

Batik quilting fabrics can be so inspiring.   The colors and designs are organic and intriguing.   Thats what inspired this piece.  Scraps.    

At first thi s was mountains and a wide river or lake all across the bittom.   An artistic friend suggested it needed some verticals in foreground.  So i put in the trees but found they needed grounding.   That led to the foreground bank and boulders.  

Next i added the left foreground piece of land and boulders for balance.   Then more boulders.     I had p2ainted in a lot of moutain reflections on the still water.   It didnt work that way.     So I narrowed the river and painted it in since I had no scraps t6hat would work there.    

I can see a few changes and tweaks to make but at last I am liking it better now.   

1 comment:

Rachel Murphree said...

Oh Janene. I like it! Batiks are really great and set the mood here.