Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is this my muse?

After spending two days in the Sierras with art pals, I came home and started to look through the background papers I made. We used the shaving creme marbleing technique for some, and several other painting techniques Sally introduced us to. Well, this little stack of papers had some surprises for me. A little face peeked out at me. And immediately I thought it must be my muse, Lollie. Or is it a wood elf? You look and see what you think.

I thought I'd see what other images these little papers might be hiding. I found Lollie has friends - a bird, a kitten (or maybe it's an owl) , a horse, and in one she seems to be dancing - and oh my gosh, she's a blonde. I should have known.


D said...

Yep, that's Lollie! I'd recognize her anywhere.

Evie said...

Janene, isn't it strange how faces just appear - it happens to me too. I love the look of your Muse, kind of cheeky and elusive.

Can't imagine why I haven't seen your blog before - beautiful artwork!!
Evie x