Saturday, August 18, 2007

SICL - Stockton Institute for Continued Learning

Today was registration day. It was set up in the Locke lounge which made it so nice. It was not crowded, and the flow of people was pretty steady and all in all, I thought it went beautifully.

I signed up for the Duck Tour in San Francisco, the Printmaking Class, the Art and Artists class and the Sewing Class. The sewing class will be more like a group of ladies who just like to sew with others and chat. We can use the Bernina machines there, which is a great reason to take the class. The Printmaking class looks like it is mostly men, but that will not keep me away. I'm very anxious to try out the different methods and see what everyone is doing. I hear it can get messy with inks and all, so I guess I'll either wear aprons, smocks, or all black. That is probably the safest way. Of course my hands and face will probably be spattered and smeared too. What fun! The Art and Artists class is one I take every semester. I like the instructor and the people who attend. I'll probably take it forever, as it is a nice place to share art and make friends. Classes start right off in Sept. so I guess my summer of fun is about over. I'll be free Fridays thru Sunday, so I can still have time to play. I want to continue to spend as much time in the country as possible, and get to the coast too. Not enough time! Isn't that always the way, either too much to do, or nothing at all?

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Evie said...

You sound like it's going to be a busy but happy term coming up. And Janene, I think your blog rocks and that's why I've nominated you as a ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER!! Grab the banner from my blog and let the world know that someone thinks you rock!
Evie xx