Saturday, December 15, 2007

ZNE Holiday Crafts Show

Bobbi G. and I headed off this a.m. with my incredible new friend, Faith. Faith is my GPS companion and got us there and back without a hitch. Bobbi named her for me. Anyway back to the ZNE show - it was in Pleasanton which is an hour away. We lucked out, traffic was light, but unfortunately customer traffic at their event was even slower. I'm so hoping it picked up later in the day. We got to see a couple of the gals from the Concord ATC group, and also Chel, who heads up the ZNE group. That was fun, and the gals are all really friendly and nice. But, it was really crowded even without customers, which made it hard to focus on anyone's work. Tomorrow it will be a good day of house cleaning and watching old movies and finishing up the ornaments I'm still working on.

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Jaxx said...

I enjoyed your piece about Faith... and your gentle words about the ZNE show. Jackie