Saturday, January 26, 2008

Homelessness Awareness

For some time I've been contemplating making an altered book with the theme of poverty and homelessness. An art friend, Wendy, was cleaning out her studio and giving things away right and left. I brought home a shelf unit with narrow shelves about 1 1/2 inch deep. I also brought home a bunch of Altoid tins and cigar boxes. Driving home it occurred to me that my homeless project could be constructed with these items. Here is the plan.
1. Houses made of the little boxes, altered to look like small shelters. Interiors to hold images of homeless people.
2. Shelving unit to be painted with magnetic paint so the Altoid tins can be magnetized and held in place.
3. "homeless" art dolls placed here and there on the little shelves.
4. Statistics, text, quotations - now in the research phase.
5. Table top display to hold larger boxes altered in the same manner and theme as the Altoid tins.
6. Contact other artists and solicit their art to show in this exhibit. Set up Yahoo group to facilitate communications.
7. Collect the other art and prepare flyer crediting the creators.
8. Collect ATCs and other works on the theme to sell, with 100% of proceeds to go to homeless shelters.
9. Exhibit this at La Selva Beach Art Show in July. Later to be shown at University of the Pacific and San Joaquin Delta Collage.
10. Photograph each piece, and have brother make video slide show of work.
11. With a little help from friends, hopefully to have music composed to accompany the slide show.

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yarngoddess said...

I often get my best ideas while driving home. Yours is huge. Let us see your vision. Can you sketch it? I have a goddess doll, I have Altoid cans....