Thursday, June 9, 2016

Breakfast with Barbara

My friend Barbara Schwartz started this little painting - but gave up on it.   So I adopted it.    Evening before I painted background green filled with leaves behind  the roses she had painted.    Next morning I hated it.     So I pretty much covered the green with yellow iron oxide and white.   Better.    Then I placed some of the acrylic rose skins I painted earlier over her roses leaving a touch of hers still showing. .    Better.   But boring.     Thought I'd add a hint of a blue vase, but my muse took over and turned it into a turq band at bottom.   Better.   Still dull.     I had the paint still wet on the palette so added turq polka dots.     Now I like it.     I had to add some touches of red and yellow iron oxide to the roses to ground them to background.    Finished.   Can hardly wait to show Barbara and see what she thinks.    hope she likes it.

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