Saturday, June 11, 2016

Breakfast with Max Pechstein

Very loosely sketched based on his painting "before the storm"  1910.    I only had this black and white picture as inspiration - i chose to make it a nice day with bright colors.    I am using Nicholsons Peerless transparent water colors.    They came as a set of  2 inch squares of paper with the paint floated and dried on top.  you need only touch with a wet brush to pick up the very saturated color.     The colors are awesome.   Lots of interesting greens.   Chroma green.   Myrtle green.    A deep olive green.     Hunters green. Grass green.   Mountain green.  Veridian green.    IM IN GREEN HEAVEN.    i cut these up and made this travel set as my friend Roberta Schmidt had done.   Its also my color guide.   Its very handy.   Otherwise i would not guess by names what colors would be produced from the papers.

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