Saturday, June 18, 2016

Setting up new paint chart

When the paper paint patches were used up on last sheet, rather than peel off the patches and replace them with fresh ones, I started a fresh one.    I wanted to change the order and wanted better samples.   Here are the steps to do this. 
1.  Decide the order of your colors and how you want to lay them out.    For some reason I like to start with greens.
2. Number the samples.    
3.   Make a grid.  This has 40 samples so it was logical to set it up 5 across and 8 down.    I measured and left a blank row at botton in case i want to add anything or experiment with mixing.   
4. Number the grid.
5.  Do the same on opposite page  
6.   Label the grid with paint color names.   7.   Cut samples making sure number is on back.   Its next to impossible to identify the color without it.  
8.  Using glue stick or other adhesive - even double sided tape - attach paint papers to the grid.   
9.  Using wet brush pick up some of each color, one by one  and paint inside each corresponding grid box.   I put paint down more saturated first then watered down a bit to show the range.   This will be invaluable for things like skin tones.  

When I use one of these sample sheets I make sure it is dry before closing it.   I also layer in a sheet of deli wrap so colors wont transfer or smudge.

I hope this helps you if you want to use dry paint sheets.     I got the idea from Roberta Schmidt.   Thanks Roberta.    I love using these beautiful colors.   

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