Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I was shaken yesterday by an accident that almost occured.    I was driving along  a major city street past a large strip mall.   Suddenly a car waiting to enter the street from parking lot darted into the road right in front of me. Driver had obviously not seen me although my SUV is good size and lights were on.   They just did not look. 

I could see no way to avoid the collision.   It was dead on in front and seemed only inches away.   Yet,  suddenly divine intervention or instinct took over and i turned wheel sharply to left swerving  into next lane.   I did not have time to look to see if there was another car there.   Fortunately no cars to my left in either lane.   The other driver must have slammed on his brakes at the same moment.

The culprit sped away and I continued on my way thanking God for saving me and anyone else that could have been involved -  which logically would have been a minimum of a three car pile up.  

This is the closest I have come to a collision.   Too close.    Having right of way does not protect you from careless drivers.

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