Saturday, July 9, 2016

When is enough enough?

Is it harder to start a painting?  Or knowing when to stop?   Hmm....

When I first started painting it was harder to face the blank canvas or paper.    Fear of failure or just not knowing what I wanted to do.    My cure to overcome this was to just barge ahead.   Nothing is sacred or meant to survive for centuries to come.   Its paint. And paper or canvas.   What we contribute  with our hands is art. Good or bad.  The process is the part I enjoy most.   Selecting the brush.   Misting the paper.   Dipping the brush in water and then the paint.    I seldom mix colors on the palette, preferring to blend them on the paper.      

The painting Helen did used a very different palette than she usually uses.  Shes more of a green and blue painter.    The soft ochre tones and soft violet in the background prompted me to buy it.   Now that  I am translating it into watercolor -  it is those colors I wanted to bring out.     I will show it to her  Monday.  

Now it us hard to know when to stop.    I dont like overworked paintings.   This still feels fresh so I had better call it done.     

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