Sunday, October 9, 2016

Breakfast still life

Oh my this was fun.  Very confused start. What was I thinking? Expected to do abstracted fruit but instead went for layered textures in background. Layered to hide whatever was there before.  Then lifted wet watercolors with paper towels for textures.

I read that many artists have their works fully formed in their minds before they put brush to surface.  

I may have a landscape or still life in mind. Sometimes i will presketch in pencil.   Not often.   I enjoy the surprise  when brush and hand do all the creative work.   

The fruit is sitting right here on the table so thats where I started.   I started painting in the other surrounding things but it just did nothing for me.  So i hid it for the most part.   Then I just played around as it was nearly unsavable.   Why waste it?

Ended up with some parts I like a lot like those reddish stripes over yellow background and the blue over the yellow between stripes then blotted so yellow would show through.   That might be a useful technique sometime.    

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