Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Absence makes me absent minded

I've been to the beach. This time I really mean it. I actually spent some time ON THE BEACH.
The last few years I have gone to the beach, but not set foot on it. This time I walked the Rio Del Mar Beach - and it was wonderful. And I walked the La Selva Beach mainstreet down to the Point a couple times to the cliff where the view of the water is so wonderful. One of the days my friend and I took our lunch there and sat on the bench with the sun on our backs, lingering as long as we could, eating Mike's famous sandwiches. (Mike owns the little neighborhood store where they not only have groceries and little bits of everything, but also make the freshest deli sandwiches to order). The Ladies Club was having an event to raise funds for scholarships, and I popped over to say hi to Ruth, Cindi, and the others. Marcia stopped by the house to say hello and we have it arranged for me to give an altered book talk/demo in May. That will mean another trip to the coast and more walks on the beach. I can hardly wait.

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dunesza said...

Must remember to go to the beach as well. So true. DH will love it too! Love the photo!