Wednesday, May 16, 2007

There are bears in the woods

Last night bears came and opened the garbage bins and took out the cans and ran off with whatever they wanted. All in all, 13 dumpsters were either vandalized or destroyed by the bears in one night. That means I won't be sleeping in the screen room. This afternoon when I returned from a late lunch with a friend (around 5 p.m.), my dogs were highly agitated. I put their leashes on and started on a walk - but they had their own route planned. They headed straight for the back of my car, put noses to the ground and sped ahead of me without looking right or left, or even lifting a leg anywhere. Well, I figured this odd behavior meant they had seen a bear or some other animal from the window of the camper and were out to get it. No way! I don't want to see my little dogs destroyed by a wild animal, so I started to pull them back towards camp. They insisted that we check out a little meadow and sure enough a big pile of bear skat - and fresh. I jerked them back and we dashed back to our place. They seemed satisfied that they had made this wonderful discovery, and were bored with the game so returned for their treat without incident.

The dumpsters and garbage cans are emptied by park staff every morning. I think they should do it at the end of the day instead of the beginning. Our members need to get bear-smart if we want to get rid of them. Forestry will do nothing. We cannot trap them or shoot them (heaven forbid). So what do we do?

I did not take this photo, I found it on the web.

Weather in Sierras was near-perfect. I wish everyone could come for a little visit and unwind.

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