Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mountains called, I went

I've been away from the art scene for several days. Went to mountain retreat where I spent my first overnight. Except for the walk I took in the middle of the night with my dog Suzie (who insisted she just had to go right now), I was wonderfully comfortable. It's starting to look like "my place". I cooked, ran the power, figured out the dvd and vcr with alternate power converter, and took lots of walks. Weather went from cold nights to hot days.

I have to go get a bird feeder before I go up again. I could not coax any birds to my dish of sunflower seeds. Not even the squirrels were interested. I found just the right spot to put it so I can see it from inside.

Today, for some strange reason, I decided to summerize my closet - which means sorting and tossing things I don't want to hold over for next fall - and getting my summer stuff close at hand. I'm actually running the air conditioner today. Last week I had to put on an extra blanket at night. Tonite will be a no blanket night for sure.

Bob and Kris are returning Thursday from China. Matt and Christina and kids are headed on a cruise later in the week. Doug and Sheri put on a birthday bbq at Lake Lahonton for DJ's 13th birthday.

I'm going back to work on my closet some more. It's too hot to carry the bags downstairs until evening.

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